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Hello superstars.

I'm a cisgendered female with treatment resistant monocyclic depression which is mitigated to some extent by 200mg of Sertraline in the morning and 45mg of Mirtazapine in the evening. I've had depression on and off for 10 years, and this particular episode has been going on constantly for nearly 2.

more details about my depression and cycleCollapse )

Recently I've noticed that I'm having particularly bad sustained low moods in the run up to my period - anywhere from 2-5 days before the start. Usually the level my depression is at means that on a day to day basis my mood is a 3 or 4 out of 10 at most. The effect the pmt has on me knocks me down so low I'm at a 1 nearly constantly from when it starts to when my period starts. That means I'm barely fictional and even getting out of bed is hard.

My question is this. Is it pmt/pre menstrual hormones causing it? If so, what can I do to mitigate the effects? Do any of you superstars have any techniques that help you? It's making me a bit loopy and really quite miserable. None of my usual coping strategies even come close to helping when I'm like this.
2:23 pm - 02/02/2013

Effexor XR

I've been on Effexor XR for a few yrs now..less than 10, possibly more than 5..I can't remember the exact yr I started on em. Anyway. I've never really thought much about the Effexor XR contributing to any of my symptoms (last x I posted on here it was about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Today I found a group on Facebook that is against Effexor XR. It claims the drug is bad news && even if you do come off of it the right way (you can't just quit cold-turkey with it I was already told) you'll suffer from side effects for yrs if not the rest of ur life..esp the zapping feeling you get in ur head (I've had it happen a couple times when I wasn't able to fill my prescription && it is not a fun feeling at all..in fact it's down-right miserable && you start to think, or at least I start to think, that you can go X-Men && start shooting electricity out ur fingertips!!). I personally do not want to live with zapping thru my brain for the rest of my life. But I'm tryin to get pregnant && one of the things me && my gyno have discussed is that I'll have to come off my Effexor XR (there arent a lot of studies on how it affects the fetus) and put on Prozac. I'm not afraid to take Prozac bc I wouldnt abuse it like sum ppl do..but I don't want to take Prozac && have side effects from the Effexor XR while pregnant for the 1st x co-insiding..assuming I have symptoms of side effects even if they ease me off the Effexor XR && gradually add me on Prozac..

I had been on Paxil from 17 to my early 20s. But when Paxil was recalled, my PCP put me on something else. It didnt hold my nerves at all. Soo Effexor XR was introduced. I started out on the lowest dose possible && rn I'm on 150mg (which tbh isnt as high a dose as I've heard sum ppl were on, ex. 300mg). I've been consistent with my Effexor XR except like I stated above, I've missed a couple times when I couldnt get a Rx  && the withdrawal was horrible :/ I am also on Klonopin for my panic attacks && it's only a 5mg && I only take it if i need it. I've not taken it consistently for about a yr now..if not longer..

My concerns are mostly 2 things..Is the Effexor XR to blame for all the symptoms I've been having (no energy, aches && pains, most nites having insomnia, but sleeping a lot when I do go to sleep -- pretty much all day if no one interrupts me, etc). And I'm concerned with having the possible side effects when I come off it if/when I get pregnant. 

Any information..Advice..Experience..about Effexor XR would be greatly appreciated. Thnx.

P.S. I plan to talk to my counselor about it, but I can't get into c her atm. 
I’m 17 years old and have been diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder for quite some time. In February, I started anti-depressants for the first time. I started taking Paxil. I knew that with SSRIs there is a great risk of lowered sex drive and anorgasmia, but it was what was recommended for me because of my symptoms.

I was on it for maybe four weeks when I noticed that masturbation wasn’t quite the same. I could orgasm, sort of, but it took double the time and it wasn’t a build up and release like usual, it was more like a build up then a... nothing. It left me more tired and frustrated than satisfied.

So after about six weeks, because of the orgasm issue and reading a lot about Paxil online, I decided to switch medications. I started taking Effexor two and a half weeks ago. The doctor told me it may not have that unfortunate side-effect, but that since it’s similar to an SSRI, I shouldn’t count on it.

I figured that sex may be different, because I masturbate with clitoral stimulation. I’d been having problems with my boyfriend, so we hadn’t had sex for the entire time I was on Paxil, but we’ve made up and much to my disappointment I discovered that I can no longer orgasm from PIV sex either. I always considered myself lucky because I most certainly could orgasm from PIV sex, but now I’m saddened by the loss of my orgasms.

I still have a sex drive like crazy (which has always been normal for me), and sex feels great, but I just can’t get there.

I asked the doctor about Wellbutrin because supposedly it doesn’t have sexual side-effects, but he told me it would be bad for my anxiety. That was surprising to me because I read on the official website that it’s prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder. I really don’t think that I can not take anything, because I really do see that it’s helping me, but on the other hand, it’s depressing me to not be able to orgasm.

I’ve been to an Effexor LJ community and one person laughed at me, saying I shouldn’t care about orgasms at my age, I thought that was completely ridiculous and I’m sure you all will agree. Another person told me that Effexor is horrible and shouldn’t even be legal. They ended their comment by welcoming me to “hell.”

So I turn to you all here at VP. I apologies for getting quite wordy, I always do, but can anyone provide me any advice or experiences? Thank you very much, in advance.
I know a lot has been posted regarding anti-depressants and a lack of sex drive, but what about the effect anti-depressants can have on things like discharge and secretions?

I'm on Seroxat (Paxil in the US) & it seems to have a big impact on my vaginal...landscape? Every night when I take off my pants, the gusset is literally *wet.* I have a huge damp patch. I am pretty sure I am not incontinent nor is it sexual arousal (my sex drive is non-existant.) Also, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see lots and lots of...white paste type stuff (which I think might be smegma) around my clitoris and around my inner labia and sort of up inside as well. I wash daily, but it comes back incredibly quickly. Now, I was the same when I was taking Prozac, another SSRI anti-depressant but for a while last year I was on another anti-depressant called lofepramine which is a tricyclic anti-depressant (a completely different type) and I didn't get all these excessive secretions and white gunk.

So....has anyone else had similar experiences with SSRI anti-depressants? Is it even possible for anti-depressants to affect you in this way?
I need to bring it up with my doctor but I'm having trouble plucking up the courage because a) he's male & b) he's a sort of grandfather type figure.

Thanks in advance for any help!
ive talked to some people, but i thought i would come here and ask as well since there are so many members.

so today, i was put on paxil for my SAD. & while im hoping it will help, im also really worried about it killing my orgasms.

have any of you ever been on paxil? did it effect your sex life/orgasms?
i know everyone reacts differently to medicine. but im just curious about other people's experiences.
3:24 pm - 02/09/2005

Have I Become Infirtile?

Im kind of scared, because i havent had my period in like 6-7 monthes...and i had an ultra sound done...and im not pregnet...and i got my blood work done and everything...and i guess im fine. So they put me on this medication (progesterone) to where i am supposed to have it....and well i was supposed to have it yesterday....and i havent...Should i wait a little longer, and see what happens? and if i dont...then will i Have beome Infirtile? Please...any help would be MUCH appriceated...

*I have had my period before...but i started taking anti-depressents (i stopped 6-7 monthes ago), and ever since then...i havent had it*

7:56 pm - 04/29/2004

antidepressants and sex drive

hi ladies,

i would be very grateful if those of you who are on antidepressants could tell me how their sex drive does...

it took me ages to find a bc pill which wouldn't destroy my sex drive and alas, now i've had to go on antidepressants - i'm really afraid my sex life will suffer again.

please post your experiences and please include what antidepressant you are/were on (i'm on pills with mirtazapine) and if you're on a bc pill (i'm on Alesse).

thank you!!!

cross posted to vaginapagina and birthcontrol
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