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8:32 pm - 01/01/2019

(no subject)


I am 53 years old and just recently had my annual OBGYN exam where the doctor refused to refill my BC prescription based on how high my BP was. The plan is to stop the pill and insert a Mirena IUD on January 31.

Has anyone else been in this situation? was wondering if anyone had an idea how soon after stopping the estrogen from the pill would my BP lower/normalize to what it really will be so I can have a truer reading and start the right BP med dose?
Hi Superstars!

So anytime after my husband performs oral sex on me, the inside of my labia and vagina start to itch very badly. The itching goes on for two or three days, then goes away. Could it be some sort of bacterial reaction? Or maybe a yeast infection (I've never had a yeast infection that I know of, so I don't have a good frame of reference)?

Thank you for your input!
10:28 am - 12/05/2018

Lost tampons

So I am already working up to making an gyno appointment but I have been told I am crazy so many times that I am trying to find some commiseration first :

Has anyone else had issues with honestly, truly, losing tampons to the black hole that is their cervix?

Cut for backstory and TMICollapse )
hi everyone

i recently found a lump- not sure what it is. it started as a swollen painful flat red spot right near my nipple. its dime sized. when i press on the redness i can feel like a hard swollen spot almost cyst like underneath? the thing is i got laser hair removal around my nipple recently. i cant see any ingrown hairs - to me it doesnt look like a typical ingrown hair. my insurance deductable rain out til january and i’m very scared right now
8:16 pm - 10/24/2018

Breakthrough bleeding

Hi there,
I've been on Levlen for a year or so. I skipped my placebo pills for the first time last month and it was fine for the first few weeks. I'm now on the last week of active pills on this second pill pack and I've had what feels like period cramping and some brown, slightly bloody discharge for the last week or so. Is this a typical reaction? I was prepared for breakthrough bleeding but thought it would happen in the week I was supposed to take the placebo pills, not 3 weeks after! I also have IBS so I'm sometimes unsure if abdominal cramping is due to that.. First time I've ever been hanging out for a period to see if that kicks away these cramps!

Thanks for sharing your experiences :)

This is great news. I know it was already approved for up to age 45 in Australia.
1:22 pm - 09/25/2018

Mature chubby vulva

Hey, I keep getting these bumps in my genital area and I'm trying to figure out what they are. They start out small and skin colored, then as they get larger they turn red. I usually get them right before my period or while I'm on my period and using a pad. Sometimes they randomly appear but I think it may be because of the type of panties I wear (sometimes the panties are a little snug in the bikini line area), They are painless and don't itch. I've been using tea tree oil to heal them but it's a slow process. Here's 2 pictures.

<img src=Collapse )
Back in June I had a Deep. I have since found that my Doctor has left the country. No one from the medical center has gotten back to me about follow ups to see if the procedure did what it was supposed to do. I don't know what my next step is. I assume a PAP is needed but my insurance usually only pays for 1 PAP a year and it must be after the year mark, not one day earlier. I am not sure how soon the PAP should be done after a LEEP to see if it worked...

... and if it didn't work, what procedure do I have to save up for? (my insurance doesn't seem to pay for many GYN procedures) I don't know.

I do know I need to find a new Doctor. Is there a type of Doctor that specializes in menopausal women other than than a GYN? All the Doctors accepting patients here are just out of school and their descriptions say they specialize in Obstetrics.
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