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Back in June I had a Deep. I have since found that my Doctor has left the country. No one from the medical center has gotten back to me about follow ups to see if the procedure did what it was supposed to do. I don't know what my next step is. I assume a PAP is needed but my insurance usually only pays for 1 PAP a year and it must be after the year mark, not one day earlier. I am not sure how soon the PAP should be done after a LEEP to see if it worked...

... and if it didn't work, what procedure do I have to save up for? (my insurance doesn't seem to pay for many GYN procedures) I don't know.

I do know I need to find a new Doctor. Is there a type of Doctor that specializes in menopausal women other than than a GYN? All the Doctors accepting patients here are just out of school and their descriptions say they specialize in Obstetrics.
Hi there, everyone,

I'm currently dealing with a yeast infection from hell that I can't get rid of, no matter what I do. I'm quite prone to yeast infections - my gynecologist suspected this might be related to my copper IUD - and I feel like I always have a kind of chronic underlying YI that decides to flare up from time to time. Generally when that happens I can manage it with Diflucan and get it back under "control"...but it seems to never really go away. Any small variation from normal - sex, my period, stress, alcohol - makes it comes back with a vengeance. Even more upsettingly, this time, I don't just have the standard vaginal irritation, it also seems to have migrated back toward the rectal area, so that I basically have itchy, uncomfortable diaper rash along the entire - ahem - undercarriage. It is really unpleasant and discouraging, to say the least.

I went to the doctor about a week and a half ago, who confirmed that I am indeed dealing with yeast (she confirmed this visually because I had already taken a Diflucan at that point, which often throws off the yeast swab test and gives a false negative). I told her I was worried about herpes (because I have a persistent phobia about herpes, and know that it can present in the same way as a YI), and she said it was definitely yeast; she had no doubt about that. She prescribed three doses of Diflucan and two different topical ointments, which I've used for the past week and have made no difference at all.

I know that some people have used boric acid to treat YIs, and so I bought some online and started inserting suppositories (vaginally) twice a day, starting about three days ago. This may be making a *small* amount of difference by now, though I continue to have the typical yeasty discharge (the encouraging part is that it seems to be getting increasingly watery/diluted, which is making me hope that it's breaking down/becoming less potent through the introduction of the boric acid). However, the boric acid is only helping with the vaginal YI, so today I also found a 10% boric acid cream which I've ordered and plan to use in the back area to see if that will help, too. I'm a bit discouraged, though, because despite my now three days of using the boric acid suppositories, things have not cleared up entirely, though a lot of the people who reviewed the suppositories indicated that they experienced relief within a single day! Then again, it seemed that many of those reviewers were using boric acid to treat BV and not yeast, so I wonder if the effects are quicker for BV with boric acid than they are with yeast...?

I intend to keep using the suppositories (and boric acid cream, once it arrives) for about 1-2 weeks to see if they kick in and start treating the problem. But in the interim, I'm wondering if anyone here has had experiences with treating YIs with boric acid. If so, how long did it take you to see some change in your symptoms?

Thank you very much for your help!
hey vagpag!

i hit 30 this year, and i've really become dedicated to getting in touch with my body; primarily understanding what exactly is going on in there. the past couple of periods, i've been able to connect an uptick in cramps to a clot* (*at least, i think it's a clot? or maybe it's just endometrial lining?) that passes within a few minutes to an hour or so later.

today, specifically, i had awful cramps from around noon until 6 (with a special shout out to 3:30 pm when i went down from the clench!); i went to change my tampon and *plop*, anchors away! there's a clot* the size of about half my palm. i hadn't really thought about it, because it's the first day, i'm used to being miserable, etc...but then i realized my pain was gone. i hadn't taken any ibuprofen recently (abt 4 hours earlier, and i take it continuously when the red tide comes in), so it really didn't make sense...until i put the timing of the cramps/clot in line.

I've been to the gyno and had a vag ultrasound done: no signs of endo, which was her big concern. i've never had a baby, i'm not on any form of birth control (i've been released on my own recognizance *rimshot*), so is this clotting (IS IT EVEN CONSIDERED A CLOT???) business normal?!
Hi everyone, I was diagnosed recently with BV and I have been prescriped a 14 day dose of 400mg Metronidazole. It’s my 6th day taking the medicine and I still have symptoms. I read online it should take 3-4 days for the 7 day course of Metronidazole to relieve symptoms, is it any different from the 14 days course or am I just being impatient? I’ve never had BV before so I’m not sure what to expect.
Thank you!
1:29 pm - 09/08/2018

fibroids and PCOS-updated

I had my gynecologist appointment the other day to what I thought was going to be about removing the fibroid I have. Well, when I got in there, the doctor told me that it is really small and not even on my uterine lining, so it isn't what is causing my breakthrough bleeding/spotting and I don't really need get it shrunken/froze off. What a surprise and relief that was!! I was totally freaking out before because my regular doctor said that it was possible it was causing my bleeding and was talking about getting it removed. I was all nervous about it, and thought I'd have to take off work and my husband would to help me. Thank goodness I don't now!!

Anyway, after talking about the different birth control pills I've been put on and looking at my ultrasound again, he determined that my uterine lining is extremely thin(almost menopause thin)!Yikes! Once i start my pills again tomorrow, I will also start estrogen pills with it to see if I can thicken it a bit and that helps. Hopefully it does! He's going to keep working on a solution if it doesn't.

Also, he said that its not for sure that I have PCOS. He can see maybe signs of it, but we would have to do some more tests to know for sure. You can't tell by just a ultrasound. Plus, since I haven't had problems before using birth control(at least, I don't remember having problems, since it was a long time ago), he's not concerned about it.

So, all of these worries I had with it are not even worth worrying about! I know regular practitioners can only do so much, but really? Don't worry me with talk about PCOS and fibroid removal! Just say you aren't positive and refer me to someone who can do more!

Just thought to share that, since I know i have talked about it before.
Hello everyone!

I am on my phone so apologies for any formatting issues.

I am 26, no children, no HBC. For about last 6 months I've started having hot flashes in the week before my period. They are fairly mild (I heard people describe "real" hot flashes feeling like stepping into a furnace), I just feel noticeably warmer for a few minutes, which is uncomfortable but not unmanageable, and noone else notices. It does make me feel a bit anxious as something "unusual" is happening. This happens daily/few times a day. Does not happen during other parts of my cycle.
I've always had various PMS "symptoms" (I get moody, I cry a lot, have a headache and sore breasts, etc...), but the hot flashes have been a new development.
Because I would probably like to have children in the future, I am worried that it is the start of perimenopause.
Does anyone have experience with this? I was considering going to a doctor to have my hormones checked, but I don't want them to laugh at me if it is something normal and common during PMS.
Thank you for any advice!
Hi everyone! Glad to be here.
I will keep it short and simple. I have normal Pap smear results that are positive for hpv 16- this has been on and off for the past four years. The paps are always “normal” but because of the hpv 16 it always results in me getting a colposcopy. They were always negative until last year. Last year even though my Pap smear was normal- abnormal areas were seen on colposcopy and biopsied- turns out it was cin 1 and was told to just come back in a year. This year, same result- normal pap with +hpv 16. This time on colposcopy not one but two abnormal areas were seen and biopsied (as well as the cervical canal both times)
Anyway, since this is ongoing and may have progressed, I am aware that LEEP or even possibly cone biopsy may be in my future.
I currently use the Nexplanon as contraception and I love it. One of the main reasons I love it is I do not get a single period with it. I am having an irrational fear that I cannot use Nexplanon if I need a LEEP. The nurse practioner and several people at the office told me that it’s fine and has nothing to do with it- but I’m still
Scared because they aren’t the ones who would be doing the LEEP. One of the reasons this scares me is I’ve been reading online that the possibility of developing cervical stenosis may increase if you are on a progestin only method or not getting periods. I personally am not too worried about that as I don’t plan on having kids AND I plan on using Nexplanon until menopause if possible, but I am so nervous that someone’s going to suggest that Nexplanon is contraindicated in people needing leep or cone. Even though my own NP told me no I am still having these fears. Can anyone help!
5:32 pm - 07/18/2018

fibroids and PCOS

Update on my last entry:

I had my ultra sound today to find out if there was an underlying issue to my early break through bleeding and just got my results back(that was fast!)

They found a fibroid on one of my ovaries(which they think is the cause of the bleeding) and also found evidence of PCOS. Ugh.

The doctor said we can either see if I am an candidate for an ablation or try new birth control to get better control of the bleeding. I am not sure which I want. I want the break through bleeding to stop, and I have no idea of an IUD would help that or if just freezing/removing the fibroid would stop it. Would having both done ultimately stop it?

Then I read that PCOS could cause infertility? At some point(hopefully in the next few years) I do want to have kids. I also read that diet helps, which I kind of thought. I have gained weight in the last year or so, so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

This is all new to me. What do you all think?
I don't know what is wrong with me. For months I have had break through bleeding a week or so before my actual withdrawal bleeding(I'm on BC pill). I've been to the doctor several times and have had it changed I don't know how many times. I think this is my third kind so far. The doctor said, give it a month and if it happens again, then they need to do an ultrasound to see if there is something else going on. I was really hoping this would work, but on the Friday of my second pill week, there was a little breakthrough bleeding, which is sooner than it has been. Usually it is a Sunday or Saturday when I get breakthrough bleeding, so I emailed the doctor again and said it started again, and earlier. Waited until I was done with the active pills and still no sign of it lighting up. Breakthrough bleeding on and off up until my in active week, then had weird cramps at the end of my last active week and didn't really start withdrawal bleeding until today/late last night.

Long story short, doctor wants me to go in for an ultrasound to see if there is an underlying issue to this and if not, need to change to a different type of birth control. None of these outcomes sounds good, I was fine with the pill up until this all started happening, but I guess it's better to find out than not to. Ugh.

This is more of me just complaining about this than anything. But does anyone have any words of wisdom or comforting thoughts to help?
3:48 pm - 07/10/2018

Cytolytic vaginosis

Been a little under the weather in the delicate bits, and a treatment for both BV and thrush have proven futile.

I'm convinced that my use of aerosol antiperspirant has thrown off my PH balance, and as a result, my vagina is in revolt. I went to see a gp today and he refused to deal with me unless I had swabs, so I proceeded to my local gum clinic, who also refused to deal with me as it wasn't sexually related. Mercifully someone took pity on me and i was given a full sexual screening along with furtther swabs and internal examination.

The outcome is thus- I have suspected cytolyic vaginosis (higher than normal acidity) some irritation and a small amount of pus found. I have to wait seven days for the std results to come back (although I believe that isnt't an issue) and in the meantime, I need to bathe in baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). I do not have a bath and will probably get trapped in the shower tray if I tried it, was told to avoid douching, so i was thinking about soaking a towel and sitting on it.

Does anyone have any experience/ recommendations with this?
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