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8:20 pm - 11/02/2017

IUD dislodged?

I have had my iud for about 3 years now. Today I was feeling around in there and I felt my strings, but like all of my strings. It has never been that easy to feel so much of them. Now, I am cramping a little, but I cramp off and on all month. I dont feel any severe pain. I can feel my cervix pretty easily too. Is it possible my cervis is just sitting low right now and the strings arent wrapped around my cervix, like it use to be? I have a doctor appt for tuesday, but I dont know if they even do ultrasounds at this clinic.
I will say, I only feel strings and when I touch my cervix I dont feel pain.
Hi everyone,

I went to the OBGYN today with concerns about bleeding during sex. It turns out I have an inverted cervix and that is probably what's causing the bleeding. I had a silver nitrate procedure done today and was warned about silvery discharge. However, I am also bleeding! Is this normal? I felt a little crampy after but I was not told about any potential bleeding. Has anyone else had this procedure done?
Thank you :)
Okay so I know this sounds bizarre but please help
I was tanning outside (where no one could see me) and I had my legs spread open
It wasn't more than about 30 mins total, and it wasn't consecutive. (I went inside every 10 mins or so)

I don't want to get skin cancer or something. I was also tanning yesterday and it was exposed but it doesn't hurt like it does today.

I didn't think it through. I don't know what I was thinking. But it felt good at the time.

I put ice on it for a while. I hope it will go away soon. This is really embarrassing. I thought it would be good to expose my entire body to sunlight but now I'm thinking maybe that sensitive area was not meant to see sunlight. I had my legs spread open really wide too :(

Is half an hour really that bad? I obviously won't do it again but do I need to worry or go to the doc? Please tell me this is no big deal. I tend to worry a lot. Thanks for your help.
Hi!  I'm sure I can look this up online, but I trust this group more!

I think that I have my first ever yeast infection, which makes sense since I've been on antibiotics for a while.

I wouldn't say that I have a bad case, but I would like to get rid of it obviously.  I think I've had it for a while, but thought that it was something else.

Could you tell me what treatments you use, either topically or orally, natural or medication?  I know medications are sold (but are they safe with antiobiotics?) and have seen posts about vinegar, coconut oil, and putting garlic gloves into my vagina overnight.  What tried and true method works for you?  Do I buy the medication and buy something natural, or do natual methods usually work?  I want to get rid of it urgently (bad timing:  new job) but don't want to overdo it with putting products up there and on there and with taking meds.

If I do the garlic clove thing, do I take the skin off, getting the clove to the point where I would cut it up to put it into food?  With the vinegar, do I make sure some gets into my actual vagina, or is it more in the vulva?  Is there a preferred type of vinegar?  Do I put coconut oil (which I already have; I use it for everything) into my vagina?

Thank you! 
5:50 pm - 08/29/2017

Undiagnoses illness

Sometime in June I was diagnosed with Trich given medicine and it cleared all the symptoms except for lower abdominal cramping. Went back to the gyno and she decided to test for another infection all were negative except mycoplasma hominis which is a normal bacteria in the vagina. She gave me Azithromycin and Metro to take all at once. Symptoms subsides and came back weeks later after taking these acidophilous probiotics thinking that they will help my vagina health.

Then in July the cramping would go away and then go towards my lower back causing pain. I thought maybe it was a UTI. Was given Cipro and Macro. They did not work. I went back to the ER and was told I have an inflamed cervix. All urinary tests including STI tests negative. I was given Flagyl and doxy pills and also a shot. It was sort of clearing. I feel like I needed a larger dose or longer dose of flagyl.
What in the world is causing this! The ER Dr believe it to be a bacteria.
11:06 pm - 08/25/2017

(no subject)

this is my first entry to this community I think. I have a question.

I am wondering if I can renew my BC prescription over the phone at planned parenthood, or if I must go in? I would rather not have to make a trip there because I do not drive and I don't want to have to ask my bf to lug me over there lol. Also don't want to see protesters outside (I have not seen any there before, but there could be some next time...)
5:24 am - 08/23/2017

(no subject)

I have started seeing a new doctor and she is recommending that I stop using the pill for birth control and allow myself to go into menopause. She things it will lower my blood pressure so I won't need any medication. I am 52 and have been on the pill for about 11 years. I then scheduled and appointment with a GYN and was given all the options of bc out there, but she could not tell me what would happen once I stopped taking the pill. Both Doctors just shrug and say everyone is different, but in such a way that I feel things may not be pleasant. I am worried about this as I have a job with no real sick time and an open floor plan so there is no privacy for when you are not feeling your best.

Would anyone share their experiences? I know that I eventually have to come off, but I had hoped with a better job with flexibility and not be in such an uncompromising place.
While undergoing a scan for an unrelated issue, my mother was found to have a 4.6 cm complex ovarian cyst and cancer was "a concern."

Her GP looked at the report and while he said he didn't think it was cancer, he sent her to a gyn/onc. The dr. is apparently comfortable not seeing my mom for a month (vacation time of course), but I'm not comfortable at all.

It has arterial flow, is partially solid, has a papillary projection (though no flow within that if that makes a difference) and she has a fallopian tube blocked with fluid (there's a word for it I can't remember.) And she's 74, which...at her age, I can't see how it isn't cancer. It said cancer is "a concern" on the report while a normal cyst merely "can't be ruled out". Everything sounds so grim to me. The lack of septations made me feel a little better until I read that in people her age, most ovarian cancer doesn't have those.

I'm trying to prepare myself for what seems like the inevitable, but I know ovarian cancer at her age is a death sentence. I haven't done anything but cry for the last two weeks. And I feel like that's all I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life.

I'm also terrified of being her only support/care person during this time. I have health problems myself and I have no idea how I'll function. Let alone how I'll function without my mom (I saw ovarian cancer kill a friend of mine in her 30s, never sick a day in her life. I know how it goes.) My only support system is my girlfriend who lives half an hour away. Does anyone have any advice for getting through this?
4:18 pm - 08/08/2017

Hairline cut hsv1?

This may not be appropriate/directly related to VP but I figured I could ask for some help since I post here a lot and everyone is very kind and helpful-
I noticed a hairline cut on my mouth, half on my actual lip half on the skin above my lip a bit. It is almost invisible to the naked eye- but if you look close its a tiny tiny straigt line. It only hurts a tiny bit when i open my mouth wide. Other than that no itching burning tingling ect. I don't remember scratching it but I could have?? Anyways has this happened to anyone?
I want to permanently remove any chance of having children either with a traditional tubal ligation or the Essure procedure. Problem is, every doctor I go to refuses saying I'm too young and because I'm single I could later change my mind.

While I understand their reasons for saying this, I'm kind of starting to get fed up. I am 30. Yes I am single, but my view won't change even if I were dating someone. Why would it? A child is a HUGE commitment, and while I do love children, I do not forsee having any of my own. It is just not something I want. Have had this opinion even when I was in long term realtionships.The idea just does not appeal to me.

Planned Parenthood does the Essure procedure, and I am currently actively looking to see the cost, etc, but honestly I prefer a regular tubal, but alas, I have to have a Drs approval for that.

Does anyone know of any Drs in Central Florida that will allow me to have the surgery? Or can anyone offer tips on how to convince my doctor that this is what I want?
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