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11:58 am - 01/15/2018

Could I have Trichomoniasis?

Hey everyone,

So long story short, in 2015 I had a rough year with some kind of ailment down there. I had extremely heavy discharge and my labia was sore and irritated. When visiting my doctors I assumed I had a yeast infection of some sort, they took swabs and sent me away with antifungal cream. The swabs came back and the doctor told me that they didn’t pick anything up and told me it was probably just irratation to something. This for lasted months until eventually it became less occurrent to the point where I didn’t notice it anymore.

Fast forward to December 2017. I’m starting to experience some discomfort, burning when I urinate, discharge, itchiness and irritation to my labia. Again I assumed it’s probably just a yeast infection but will no success with the antifungal cream, I’m back to square one. I’m experiencing a lot of pain, especially when I urinate. Also, my vagina is very sore and sensitive, if I were to stick my finger up it I often ended up wincing in pain. My discharge is cream/yellow coloured and doesn’t seem to have much of a odour to it.

I’ve never had any kind of sexual experience of any kind so I don’t think they would of tested for STDs when they took my last swabs. I read about Trichomoniasis and apparently it can be caught through shared towels and I’m wondering if that could a possibility or I’m just being paranoid? I honestly have no idea what it could be and I’m worried in case the doctors will just send me away again without really helping. If anyone could offer any advice, it’d be greatly appreciated!

5:00 pm - 01/09/2018

birth control frustration!

SERIOUSLY, so tired of all of these issues Sprinterec is giving me!! First breakthrough bleeding the first week on it(my fault for missing one pill and taking it the next day). Then, 4 days of breakthrough bleeding, as I am stacking packs(doctor ordered it). Had that breakthrough bleeding the first week of my second pack(which if I wasn't stacking, it would of been my inactive week). Then, after sex on Saturday, breakthrough bleeding. Stopped for a day, then after having a BM(sorry, TMI) yesterday, happened again. I was brief and had nothing the rest of the night and into today, until I had a BM again. AH!

After emailing the doc back and forth, decided to go in next Wednesday(soonest I could get in).

I don't know what is going on. Is this low progesterone again? ( I switched from Microgestin to sprinterec because of that) or something else?

I know I won't find many answers here, just venting. Maybe someone has experienced this before?
I know I have been posting a lot lately, but I just keep having problems and it is frustrating!!

I switched from Microgestin to Sprinterec a three weeks ago because I was getting my periods earlier than usual and the doctor thought I needed something with higher progesterone.

Well, I am on the third week and once again, it has came early! Ah!! What the heck?!! This is so frustrating! Nothing seems to work?

I did take one pill a few weeks ago late, but took it as soon as I could and with the pill of that day.

Does anyone know if it is just because it will take a while for my body to get used to the change? Or is this not normal?

The doctor said to take three packs in a row with out a break for inactive pills and I haven't even ended this one yet.

I did email the doctor and ask, but wondering if anyone here has some advice?

Hi everyone. I should preface this post by saying that I have an irrational pregnancy fear. I'm a hypochondriac in general who tends to do too much reading on the internet. I'm looking into some mental health counseling in the new year. I guess what I'm looking for is someone to tell me I'm overreacting. Anyway.

Back in October I had a bartholin cyst turn into an abcess. The ER I went to lanced me in the wrong spot and I was in agony until my gyno appointment where I got lanced a second time. I was physically and emotionally traumatized. At one week post op I got my period almost an entire week early.I called my gyno and he told me the stress and trauma my body had been through was likely the culprit. November's period came at its normal time (since stopping a problematic HBC my cycles have become shorter in general, but always between 24-27 days). This period was heavy! Like making up for lost time or something. It lasted for my usual five days, heavy at first then tapering off.

My boyfriend and I were finally able to have sex December 3rd. I use an app to track my cycle. I know it's not 100% accurate but it's always been fairly spot on for me. According to my app it was around the time I would be ovulating. I'm not on any HBC so we use condoms. We were both tipsy at the time (a bit irresponsible on our part) but as far as I know the condom was fine. He pulled out, I took the condom off of him, and he finished on my chest. I then hopped in the shower to rinse off.

I got my period on Friday of last week, the 15th, right on time. It started off totally normal, cramping (I also get leg cramps) and pretty heavy bleeding/clots. This lasted all day Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday it was all but gone and today all I have is a tiny bit of pink spotting. My periods normally last 5 days.

I've been reading about implantation bleeding, and the fact that bleeding can still occur with pregnancy. Does pregnancy seem like a realistic outcome of the encounter I described? He finished on my chest, but what if some semen dripped down onto me while I was showering? What if I had semen on my hand and accidentally touched my vagina? I can't exactly remember the details, I just know that I showered. I woke up in bed with my towel on. I've been having extreme panic attacks and am still very traumatized and fearful my cyst will come back. My heart races all the time and I can't sleep. Now I'm super paranoid about this. Could the change in my period length be stress related? I have EBV and am currently having a flare up due to the stress I've been experiencing..literally making myself sick with worry. Could my body's cycle still be trying to readjust from the initial trauma?

Sorry for the length of this, thanks in advance for any input.
I can't believe this happened, but I missed taking a pill! I had it packed with my other bathroom stuff before I left for an overnight trip at my in-laws. When I got there and was getting ready to take it, I realized that forgot it! Ah!

I usually take it at 10pm, I finally just took it(and todays pill) when I got back home at 9pm.

I take Sprinterec and am on the first week(finishing that week on Sunday).

So far, everything I read(including the insert) says that I am safe to have sex with out a condom. Am I correct? Or should I wait 7 days?

I have never missed a pill before(this late at least), so I am not sure what to do in this situation.

Ah! Help!
Over the last several months, I have noticed that my period would sort of start earlier than usual and would start break through bleeding either after sex or after a bowl movement. I asked my doctor about what is causing the early break through bleeding and she said that I may need to switch pills if this was bothering.
So, I thought if I just extended my pill pack( I started a new one early, because the old one was going to expire soon), then maybe that would fix it. But today, after having a big BM(sorry TMI), I noticed breakthrough bleeding(light pink to bright red color).

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is it just the pills not having enough progesterone anymore? Or something more serious?

I am getting really annoyed by this! Please help!
4:27 pm - 11/20/2017

Expired birth control pack


So, awhile back I accidentally took a newer pack instead of the older one, so now I just finishing the pack the pack that is older. It expires the end of this month and I just started it. I will be still taking it(the last week or so of active pills) when December starts.

My question is: is it still okay to take it even though it'll be a week expired? Will it still be effective?

Everything I read says that it stops being as effective after it's expiration date, but since this won't be expired for that long, I wonder if it will still be good.


I'm hoping someone has some answers here.I have been on microgestin for 5 years now and a few months ago, between a few days to a week before my inactive pills(my period) started, i would get break through bleeding. It first started off light and would get heavier once my period started, but this month has been the worst. It started last Sunday(my period is supposed to start next Tuesday) and has been getting heavier off and on since then. Today when I got home from work, I noticed it was heavier.

I take my pill daily around the same time every day, never have missed one.

My doctor said that it is probably from low progesterone levels and said I could switch to something different but would have different side effects.

I am not sure what to do. I don't want to deal with the mood swings and acne but this two week long period/breakthrough bleeding is getting old! It's on and off cramps(not as bad as when my actual period is, but noticeable), light to heavy bleeding.

Have any of you had this happen to you? What do you take and what have been the side effects? What would you do?

Hi everyone. I have been using cloth pads for over a year now, and in this time I had access to a private washing machine. I would dry store them until my period was over, then before washing I would do a cold water soak in a bucket, with or without Oxi clean.

I'd then stain treat each pad and wash on hot water. Most of the time they'd come out perfect.

Well,I recently moved into an apartment, and I have only access to a laundromat. I'm a little concerned about washing them at the laundromat. I was wondering if it would be possible to get stain free pads without doing a cold soak before hand, either by using a stain stick on them dry before I put them in the wash, and wash on hot, or maybe they would come out stain free with no stain treatment at all?

The reason I don't want to do the cold water soak anymore, is because doing laundry at the laundromat is time consuming and laboring enough as it is, I really would like to just cut out the soaking step. Also, since they are industrial machines, I thought they might wash better?

Does anyone have any experience with this at all?
8:20 pm - 11/02/2017

IUD dislodged?

I have had my iud for about 3 years now. Today I was feeling around in there and I felt my strings, but like all of my strings. It has never been that easy to feel so much of them. Now, I am cramping a little, but I cramp off and on all month. I dont feel any severe pain. I can feel my cervix pretty easily too. Is it possible my cervis is just sitting low right now and the strings arent wrapped around my cervix, like it use to be? I have a doctor appt for tuesday, but I dont know if they even do ultrasounds at this clinic.
I will say, I only feel strings and when I touch my cervix I dont feel pain.
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