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While undergoing a scan for an unrelated issue, my mother was found to have a 4.6 cm complex ovarian cyst and cancer was "a concern."

Her GP looked at the report and while he said he didn't think it was cancer, he sent her to a gyn/onc. The dr. is apparently comfortable not seeing my mom for a month (vacation time of course), but I'm not comfortable at all.

It has arterial flow, is partially solid, has a papillary projection (though no flow within that if that makes a difference) and she has a fallopian tube blocked with fluid (there's a word for it I can't remember.) And she's 74, which...at her age, I can't see how it isn't cancer. It said cancer is "a concern" on the report while a normal cyst merely "can't be ruled out". Everything sounds so grim to me. The lack of septations made me feel a little better until I read that in people her age, most ovarian cancer doesn't have those.

I'm trying to prepare myself for what seems like the inevitable, but I know ovarian cancer at her age is a death sentence. I haven't done anything but cry for the last two weeks. And I feel like that's all I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life.

I'm also terrified of being her only support/care person during this time. I have health problems myself and I have no idea how I'll function. Let alone how I'll function without my mom (I saw ovarian cancer kill a friend of mine in her 30s, never sick a day in her life. I know how it goes.) My only support system is my girlfriend who lives half an hour away. Does anyone have any advice for getting through this?
4:18 pm - 08/08/2017

Hairline cut hsv1?

This may not be appropriate/directly related to VP but I figured I could ask for some help since I post here a lot and everyone is very kind and helpful-
I noticed a hairline cut on my mouth, half on my actual lip half on the skin above my lip a bit. It is almost invisible to the naked eye- but if you look close its a tiny tiny straigt line. It only hurts a tiny bit when i open my mouth wide. Other than that no itching burning tingling ect. I don't remember scratching it but I could have?? Anyways has this happened to anyone?
I want to permanently remove any chance of having children either with a traditional tubal ligation or the Essure procedure. Problem is, every doctor I go to refuses saying I'm too young and because I'm single I could later change my mind.

While I understand their reasons for saying this, I'm kind of starting to get fed up. I am 30. Yes I am single, but my view won't change even if I were dating someone. Why would it? A child is a HUGE commitment, and while I do love children, I do not forsee having any of my own. It is just not something I want. Have had this opinion even when I was in long term realtionships.The idea just does not appeal to me.

Planned Parenthood does the Essure procedure, and I am currently actively looking to see the cost, etc, but honestly I prefer a regular tubal, but alas, I have to have a Drs approval for that.

Does anyone know of any Drs in Central Florida that will allow me to have the surgery? Or can anyone offer tips on how to convince my doctor that this is what I want?
Approx two months ago I was diagnosed with Trich and M. Hominis. I was put on antibiotics and some of the symptoms persisted so I went back to the gyno and she gave me another dose of medicine to take all at once and the symptoms went away. Since then, I've been checking my PH levels and they are always normal. I used the monistat test that checks for yeast, BV, and Trich. The test always yield normal. Well, for about a week I developed this dull ache in my lower abdomen and when researching the symptom was similar to a uti. I had a uti I before and would always get an ache in my lower back not in my lower abdomen which made me think that maybe trich is back, but each time I checked my ph it was normal. I then decided to do a home uti I test and it shown that I had a WBC in urine and no nitrates. From research, Nitrates is a bacterial infection. I have tested negative for chlamydia and Gonnerrhea. Being that I have a WBC in urine meaning an infection in the body or urinary tract could this be a sign of Trich again? When I got the 2nd round of medicine to treat this the Dr did another swab to check if the first round of medicine worked and she told me that it did because they see no signs of Trich no more.

I took AZO cranberry tablets with water and the symptoms are now gone so this morning I decided do another strip and it is faint purple
. What could this be?
5:09 pm - 07/10/2017

Spotting on bcp

Hi guys,

I am on Freya 21 and have had no problems with is so far. I've been on it for 9 months or so.

I just had my pill free week, had my withdrawal bleed like normal and then it stopped on Saturday morning. I started taking my pill again just yesterday (Sunday) but my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex twice since. Each time I've bled a little after, but I figured it was just whatever left over coming out from all the jostling. We have both been tested and have been together for 3 years.

Today, I am spotting again. Very lightly, but this hasn't happened to me before while I've been on this pill.
I'm starting to freak out that it's implantation bleeding. Any thoughts or suggestions to put my mind at ease?

5:19 pm - 07/09/2017

Lump under skin

I have found a little lump in the private area just below the clit it is sore when the tissue paper runs across it and it has concerned me! I could post a photo but I don't know how to do it without it just showing up? Does anyone have any info on this? I have been tested for everything and I have nothing married only been with this person and he has nothing paps are normal! I was thinking could just be a cyst or maybe this is just normal! Thanks
Last week, I started a 10-day dose of Doryx MPC, an antibiotic for acne. My dermatologist told me I may get a yeast infection while I'm on it, and I did. I've only been on it for 4 days now, and I have all the symptoms of having a yeast infection. I've had other side effects from the antibiotics too, so I'm thinking about calling him and seeing if he can prescribe me anything else, or just waiting until the 10 days is up and hope everything clears up on its own. In the meantime, are there any (effective) home remedies to treat the yeast infection? 
Hey Ladies, I came upon this forum on Google Search when I was trying to find answer to my problems. So..... I was diagnosed with Trich last month and was given metro pills to take for 7 days. Symptoms cleared but problems still persisted. I had stomach cramps and a slight burn that comes and goes in my vagina. I went back to the gyno and she did a swab for mycoplasma. I was then given metro pills to take all at once and also azithromycin to take all at once. I then forgo that the cramps came from pms and I got my period the day after I left the gyno. The symptoms left shortly after my period started but I still took the medicine. I got a call yesterday and was told I had mycoplasma hominis. The nurse explained that it's sort of an sti and then again it's not. He told me that the medicine covered it. Now here's where I am getting confused, A lot of Dr and health scholars states that mycoplasma hominis is found in the genital tracts of all healthy men and women. When the immune system is compromised, that is when the bacteria cause an infection or to overgrow like other bacterias found in the vagina (BV yeast infection). Could the trich infection cause the hominis bacteria to overgrow? Or could have the guy friend that passed trich to me given me the hominis? Like, is it possible he had an overgrowth of hominis and passed it to me? Doctors opinions are I shouldn't be worried about this and that it does not cause any real problems.

I am also still burning whenever my vagina gets wet from everyday discharge or when I wipe? It's not a bad burn nor am I having abnormal discharge. Everything is normal except for that. I took the dose of difflucan that came with the medicine and the problems subsided for a day but came back. I am guessing this could be a yeast infection from the medicine, but I am not itching or having weird discharge. I am also in day 7 of my period where is still here but not. Not sure if this is some new pms symptom.
4:21 pm - 07/04/2017

Post-IUD removal questions

Hello everyone!

I had my Mirena inserted in July 2014. It was horribly painful but I got through it, and had no issues. Within 3-4 months, I had no bleeding, not even spotting. Everything was fine until January 2017, when I developed what I thought was interstitial cystits. I was taking medication for it, it was under control...everyhting was okay.

In March 2017, I started having a lot of bleeding; basically I was bleeding for 15-20 days straight, despite my never having any bleeding for almost 3 years. I thought at first that I had a prolapse of some sort because I felt a bulge in my vagina, which is charactteristic of a prolapse. One ER visit did nothing but make me believe I was crazy because the ER doctor did a pelvic and an ultraosund and said everyhting looked fine.

I was still having pain a few weeks later, only it was getting worse, so I went to my GYN. She found my strings in the flesh beside my cervix, not coming through my cervix. On June 5, I had a hysteroscopy, IUD removal, and D&C to make sure everything was fine. The surgery went fine with no complications. I had slight bleeding for a day or two and I've been doing better since then.

I wanted to return to Nuvaring, but my doctor said I had to wait until I got my first period after having the IUD removed...it started on Sunday. I started cramping very badly on Saturday night, which was controlled by Tylenol. Sunday, it started full-force - I'm talking full-on gushing blood, having to change an overnight maxipad every 3-4 hours. One thing that has me worried is that the blood is bright red..is this normal? Also, that bulge has come back. It's not as painful but when I use my iPhone to look at things as I'm bearing down, there's "something" that appears to be bulging in and out as I start and stop bearing down. I was assured several times by my GYN both before and after surgery on June 5 that I do not have any sort of prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, anterior, uterine, posterior...nothing. I also inserted my first Nuvaring yesterday, because my GYN told me to wait until I got my first period to insert it.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone shed some light on what this may be from their experiences?  I'm worried about how much blood I'm losing when sitting on the toilet and bearing down..it's literally liquid blood that just comes out.

On the plus side, my sex drive was gone for 3 years, and it came back almost immediately post-removal.

Thank you in advance!
12:24 pm - 07/03/2017

Pregnancy Scared

Hi all. This is my first time using this site and I'm trying to navigate it properly. I have a bit of a dilemma.

So last week my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. I am 18. That is when I lost my virginity. That was the 11th day out of my usual 31 day cycle, Which typically means I would not be ovulating until around cycle days 16,17, or 18 I believe. The thing is, we used a brand new condom that was no where close to expiring, I kept it out of sunlight and hot temperatures, made sure it was never squished, and when we put it on we did everything right except at first it was on inside out so it was just a simple flip and everything after that was fine. I understand precum can be dangerous but he had not ejaculated for two days prior and had obviously urinated many times since. And precum was also not actually SEEN while putting the condom on. (Would there still be any risk with that?) The condom was on the entire time also. Straight from the shorts into the comdom lol. When we were finished he took it off properly and all of the ejaculate seemed to have been at the tip of the condom like normal and it didn't seem to have failed at all. But I am still panicking a lot!

I'm not sure if I should be panicking but I am and I'm not sure if it is justified or just because it is normal to panic when you first become sexually active. I am not on any other form of birth control yet. My next period is also expected to come July 15th. So I have two weeks of panicking.

I will include that I have been feeling crampy lately and (sorry) I can't seemed to go #2 that well. I honestly think that that is due to the amount of stress I'm undergoing. And my lower back has been hurting but I think that is probably from the constipation (maybe tmi sorry). But also I read that I would not be feeling pregnancy symptoms yet anyway.

I'm just really anxious and stressed out and so worried. Can someone please try to tell me what my chances of being pregnant are? (Even though it was protected and only ONE time?)

Please reply! Thank you!
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