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Bacterial vaginosis and hemp oil?

Hey, what's up? So I need a little advice.

I went to the gyno early last week and it turned out I had BV - Bacterial Vaginosis. I took a round of anti-biotics, and on the third day I had some diflucan to prevent a yeast infection. I also ate a ton of yogurt.

Well, I just returned to the gyno. I still have BV, probably because I got too overzealous with the yogurt, and so I'm back on the anti-biotics. I'm refraining from using the diflucan unless I have to. This will let the yeast population I've been annihilating come back and balance my pH.

So when I was back this time around, I asked my planned parenthood gyno about if whether my lube was causing part of the problem in causing the BV in the first place - it has hemp oil in it to prevent yeast infections, and I was worried it was creating an ideal atmosphere for bacteria. This is the lube, and it claims that it also prevents bacteria.

My gyno looked at me and gave a waffling answer on the issue, saying yes she thought it probably was causing the problem, but it seems like she really had no idea. When I asked her suggestion on lubes, she told me KY, which is full of glycerin which I fear may give me yeast problems. All of this started several months ago when I took an anti-biotic, and I got a yeast infection, and then I fought off the yeast infection too much I think...and I've had vaginal problems ever since.

When I mentioned the glycerin, she simply told me yes, it was bad for me, but still kept referring me to KY as a lube. I don't think she realized I was referring to the fact that glycerin is in KY... anyway, my question is, what lube do you ladies suggest? Is hemp oil bad for me, or good for me? Me and my boyfriend are both incredibly disappointed that we might have to stop using the O'My, as it's wonderful and non-sticky...but if I have to I have to.

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