4:38 pm - 05/05/2006

itchy clitoris

Hey Ladies,

For the past 2 days, My clit has been REALLY ridiculously itchy (and i've noticed some swelling.) It is definitely only my clit, and I don't have any hairs or anything that I can see bothering it.

I haven't changed detergents or underwear...I have no change in smell or discharge...I don't k now what is up but it is so uncomfortable! I'm trying to study for my finals but I can't get my mind (or hands...lol) off of my strange new itch.
Thanks In Advance,
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girlofthemirror 5th-May-2006 10:33 pm (UTC)
It's a very sensitive bit of skin. Do you think it could just be dryness, maybe from hormanes perhaps combined with the warmer weather making you a bit dehydrated. Try drinking lots of water and wearing breathable cotton underwear as a first shot. If that doesn't sort it, well see what other people suggest, they probably have excelent ideas!
besttocomply 5th-May-2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
it may very well be dryness...but what can I do about that? I don't want to put my Victoria's Secret lotion on it...do I?

Lube isn't readily available and I don't think that would be good with having to wear underwear..lol

Thanks for your response
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moochar 6th-May-2006 12:37 am (UTC)
It may be the start of a yeast infection. Most of my yeast infections start with a super itchy area, usually my clitoris.
besttocomply 6th-May-2006 12:43 am (UTC)
oh man, i hope not.
Thanks for the advice...
should I do anything just incase..like something that wouldn't be bad to do even if it isn't a yeast infection?
inkydragon 6th-May-2006 01:44 am (UTC)
Have you tried going without underwear for a while and seeing if that helps?

Another suggestion...I found that, after a year or so of using them, I developed a skin allergy to drier sheets. Have you had rashes or itchies anywhere else, too?
besttocomply 6th-May-2006 03:17 am (UTC)
I used to try b/c i thought it would be great...but the discharge would get on my thighs if i wore a skirt (gross) or soak through the pants I was wearing. So, no commando for me.

No itches anywhere else...just my clitoris.
gothstar 6th-May-2006 04:14 am (UTC)
You've changed the pair of underwear, just not the brand right? :P

Joking aside, you said ti was swollen, has the color changed any?

Have you masturbated or had sex lately, rough or not? Or have you been wearing tight pants? Sometimes rubbing against it can just annoy it and make it a bit swollen.

If it doesn't clear up in a few days I'd suggest giving your doctor a visit.
besttocomply 6th-May-2006 04:42 am (UTC)
lol, good call on changing underwear..
no color change
I masturbate once a day (I'm on day 52 of the challenge!) but I don't think it is that since I have been going for so long and it just started...
not exceptionally tight pants...but not pj pants.
I think it the itching is finally subsiding

thanks for your response :)
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qhearts itchy clit30th-Apr-2008 05:22 am (UTC)
A month! Oh my. Mine started last night. I've tried vaseline, coconut oil, witch hazel, yogurt. They all work for a while.
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1737 18th-Mar-2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
it might be ur toilet paper
ana4047 My clit itches and my outer vagina stings i dont know what it is.5th-Feb-2009 12:16 pm (UTC)
okay my clit started to itch but not on it but on the side. Im going to take some of the advise to see what happens. Also my vagina,not inside but out side of it b4 you anything goes inside, it stings and i dont know why. I did not know it stung in till me and my boyfriend were about to have sex. What do you think it is?>??
kno1_knos 6th-Apr-2009 08:36 pm (UTC)
Hey i kno this is a kinda old post but i really need some answers if anyone can help. For the last 2months after my fiance and i have sex, after my shower and then all the time i have been getting a very itchy and sore clitorous and then when i scratch because it gets so bad i start to bleed, does anyone have any ideas to what is causing this or what could it be? And if anyone knows any treatments it would be great. I dont want to see a doctor coz im not into showing my bits of to strangers so thats out of the quetion but if anybody had answers please let me kno
nawlinslesli 23rd-Mar-2011 06:20 am (UTC)
Try Glyco-Thymaline. You can buy it from a company called Baar. It's a mouthwash but as my mom always told me, it can clean your other mouth too. Use 1 Tbsp of this product with 1 Quart of warm (body temperature) water. I try to douche in spurts so that I can hold the mixture in my vagina for periods of time by closing the lips or labia. No Dr. will tell you about this product. It was one of Edgar Cayce's remedies. Search online and you will find out that I am telling you the truth. It really works!
diva_deja 26th-May-2009 11:58 am (UTC)
no1_knos only way you will know for sure it is not a yeast or bacteria infection is to see an gyno, trust me showing off your vagina is the last thing to get a gyno aroused so if you want to make sure your 100 safe and healthy get past it.

On another note, theres the usuals, changes your soaps to somethign more sensative to your private areas, dryer sheets on sunderwear, not clean before and after sex, the way you wipe( front to back never back to front) when using rest room, after anal sex, wash..never reinsert from ass to vagina etc, Also dehydration can cause the same issues, drinks lots of water, cotton underwear breathe best so use them whenever possible.Tight jeans or over sweatign with irrate you also, dryness is usually the number oen cause if its happening around masterbation and/or sexual intercourse. Antibotics if on them will cause yeast infections also along with a few other number of meds..hormones just before or while on menstrual cycle can do it also for some women.
iantojones3 Same problem6th-Mar-2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
Im having exactly the same issues, its been going on for about 3 days, and ive never had sex. Its so frustrating, there is no change in colour or any discharage at all. But it is a little swollen. Its very annoying
feminism253 22nd-Mar-2010 03:36 am (UTC)
OMG did I just read someone say they've been having this issue since they were 20 and now they're in their 40s? That makes me wanna give up. I've had this issue for about 8 months now and i'm 22. It's reallllly hard to deal with. It's the upper part of my clitoris and it won't stop itching. I've already seen several doctors. What does help me though is pouring a table spoon of betadine inside the bath tub and just sitting in there for about 15-20 minutes. It helps me for a few hours.
tayann43 23rd-Mar-2010 06:08 pm (UTC)
I've had this problem before, although it doesn't happen continuously. Itching usually just makes it itch more, along with pressure. Normally it happens when people shave and the hairs start to grow in and normally when they start or end their period. This probably means its an bacterial inbalance in your vagina. As most of ya know, their are healthy bacterias that fight off infection up there but they are also balanced so they don't create discomfort or other problems. When you get you period sometimes these bacterias can become inbalanced and create discomfort and itching. The best thing you can do is try not to itch or touch the area. I've realized that when i itch it'll get crazy itchy and i can't handle it, but when i stop it eventually goes away in a few minutes. Try wearing loose pants instead of something tight to decrease further irritation. Although STDs, other then something like herpes, doesn't usually effect the clitoris without other symptoms, I wouldn't be surprised if it could. If it is continuous, or if it has lasted for more then 4 or 5 days I'd call a doctor, or GYN. From what I've heard its pretty common so I wouldn't worry too much.
anysolution 19th-Jul-2010 07:02 pm (UTC)
I have been experiencing this same problem for about a month now. The itching is so intense that I have rubbed the skin off around my clitoris from itching. I am going to stop using dryer sheets, go buy some Bactorban and Acidophilis and see if that helps. I also have been taking alot more hot baths, which helps. Any other advice would be helpful.
Alex Wilhelm a little help21st-Oct-2010 01:45 am (UTC)
ok ladies I am the queen of yeast and bacterial infections. since I went into remission of cervical cancer i've always had these problem and itchy clit is one of my enemies just like you! One thing I found out is that hydrogen peroxide diluted with a little bit of water approximately 1:2 H20 Peroxide ratio will make whatever scratching you've done clean and bubbly. when you scratch you create more bacteria from your nails and undergarments so pour a little peroxide see the damage you've done (just like i do ;) ) and then start popping accidophilus pills and drink lots of water! you'll be better in a few days :)
magdalene74 Re: a little help4th-Nov-2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
glad im not the only one who found and posted on this really really old post hehe. And im glad you brought this up.. cause you know what, i started having this problem chronicly about the time i stopped biting my nails.. before i would have an itch, scratch it best i could with my nail-less fingers, and go on with my life. Now i get an itch, scratch it very satisfactorily with my longer nails, then itch worse, more often, lather, rinse, repeat till im about to climb the walls and shoot myself. I havent been itchless for a year and a half now and you are the first person that helped me put it together! Now to wash my hands and bite my nails, it AINT WORTH IT! heh.
kailvonulf help21st-Jan-2011 03:33 am (UTC)
iv had a scratch on my clitous for a few weeks now. i noticed it after my period was over. it itches like hell and sice iv notice it, iv applied some neosporn on it and it dosent look like it its helping. any advice one what i should do?
krwilder Re: help9th-Feb-2011 05:21 am (UTC)
usually after your period, your ph could be off balance or you are just dry. Try a Ph restoring cream like rephresh or try monestat (spelling?) cream for anti itch. I am on the shot, so i don't get a period, but i have noticed that around the time i would normaly get a period my down there area gets dry and sensitive. The monistat cream (applied at night and after showering) helps me out and I only have to use it for a few days.
nawlinslesli All of the above23rd-Mar-2011 06:16 am (UTC)
Recently I started itching a lot and noticed that my clitoris is swollen and itchy as well. It's different from a yeast infection because I'm not having discharge and I wouldn't say I'm dry either. It started soon after I masturbated last week. And I've been having repetitive bladder infections so I think it's bacterial related. I'm doing a kidney cleanse with a product I bought from Whole Foods right now. And I began my period soon after this problem started. Now that I'm almost done with my period, I decided to try something that's always worked for yeast infections - Glyco-Thymaline. You can buy it from a company called Baar. It's a mouthwash but as my mom always told me, it can clean your other mouth too. Use 1 Tbsp of this product with 1 Quart of warm (body temperature) water. I try to douche in spurts so that I can hold the mixture in my vagina for periods of time by closing the lips or labia. I did this tonight and really, it already feels better. I'm hoping this does the trick. No Dr. will tell you about this product. It was one of Edgar Cayce's remedies. Search online and you will find out that I am telling you the truth. It really works!
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