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My Boric Acid Experiment

Some background: Yucky yeasties, blah, blah, blah. Store out of type of antifungal I need. Neither acidophilus nor other antifungal doing much good, not even in combination. My vagina is a vampire: garlic causes her great harm, if not quite instant death.

Several VPers have mentioned their enthusiastic acclaim for boric acid. Have tried it in the past; capsules (I only used one at a time) caused nearly as much vagina fire as did garlic. It was ungood, but so is this YI.

So I read this post as well as this one in the Archives. But I got my main idea from this archived post, since it involved diluting the powder in water and "mini-douching" with it.

Though I finally found a pharmacy in my new city that carries boric acid, I also spent $2.61 of my last $2.65 on it. This meant not enough money left for a syringe/plunger/douching mechanism of any sort. Neither can I use any sort of household kitchen utensil like a turkey baster since such items are reserved for people who cook.

I finally had the acid: now how to get it inside me?

I scoured my bathroom to discover that I had some tampons left over from this summer's IUD insertion (where I was advised to avoid my menstrual cup for a couple of cycles... bad advice, in my opinion, but off topic here). So I made the boric acid solution -- using only 1/2 teaspoon per cup of water, half what the archives recommend -- and dipped the tampon -- an o.b. without applicator -- in it.

Of course, yes, it swelled up right away, making the tampon kind of leaky and squishy. It was different from inserting a "normal" tampon, but as a long time cup user, I didn't find it too difficult to wiggle that little sucker in there. Being already filled with fluid, it was actually softer than inserting a tampon straight from the wrapper.

Anyway, even at the lower concentration, the boric acid produced a definite tingling in my vagina, more uncomfortable than the yeastie itching, but crossing the threshold into burning or pain. I wasn't really sure how long a boric acid "douche" would take, so I left the tampon in for 5 full minutes -- probably a longer exposure, but exposure to less overall acid.

The tingling continued for a few minutes after I removed the tampon; then it started to subside. A half hour after removal, my vag felt marginally better. I'm definitely more comfortable now than I was with the boric acid inside me, and I think I'm more comfortable than I was before I tried the boric acid at all, but I'm not really sure about that one.

I also think I will try the same routine again tomorrow though I'm not sure how I should alter it, if at all.

Well... first off... is what I'm doing safe? Since the recommendation for capsules is to leave them overnight -- well, until they dissolve, really -- I'd assume that five minutes' exposure to boric acid isn't harmful. Still, if I'm causing chemical burns on my cooter, I'd like to know now, before I try it again. :)

Second, is the dosage strong enough to be effective? I mean, having a dosage I can live with is all fine and good, but it's only really worth it if it gets rid of my yeast infection. Should I make the solution more concentrated? Lengthen the time the boric acid tampon spends in my vagina?

Update 2/24/06: So, not quite cartwheels, exactly, but I did try placing the boric acid solution in my Diva Cup and inverting it, per jennifer0246's suggestion, to kind of swish the fluid around, operating on the idea that it would be more like a douche. (I have not yet heard from the Diva Cup company on whether this is actually an "okay" use of the cup.) Well, I tried it, but I didn't really like it. Maybe it's because of how high my cup sits in my vaginal canal, but the concentration that was only mildly uncomfortable to the lower portion of my vagina produced a stronger stinging sensation when it touched my cervix. Since most of my yeasties seem to be concentrated lower down, at least with this infection, I think I'll stick with the tampon approach for the moment.


(Can't wait for payday! Also whatever day it is when my local pharmacies restock their shelves!)
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