2:49 pm - 10/09/2005

Can you bruise your.. bladder?

Background info: I have a long history of UTI's (from not being taught at an early age how to wipe correctly after I go pee), so now whenever I get any minor pain in that region I automatically think I'm getting a UTI... And I take every precaution possible to prevent another one from starting.. So far it's been good. But...

The story: My boyfriend was gone for a week (he was on tour with KMFDM, the lucky bastard), and just got back Friday morning. So I went over to his place.. and we ended up having sex about.. uh.. 7 times within 24 hours. We tried a couple new positions, etc. So after the last time we had sex (last night) I went to pee and it hurt. Didn't really burn while I was peeing.. but it hurt afterwards. I drank a bunch of water and waited till the next pee.. All meanwhile the bottom of my stomach was hurting.. Kinda felt like I had to pee, but not like the feeling I had with UTI's before (normally i get that awesome sensation where it feels like you're being stabbed up the urethra).. Just an annoying dull pain..

I had to go home last night.. I figured I'd get home, take some cranberry pills and drink more water and then take myself to a doctor today. Got home.. Went to pee again (all that water I drank at the boy's place).. and low and behold.. no pain. and no pain since then. Just a mild cramping feeling at the bottom of my stomach, where, I'm assuming, my bladder is (and a bit to each side). and that is mostly when I'm sitting down and my insides are squished together. Kinda makes me feel like I might wanna pee when I'm sitting down, but otherwise it's ok. Took a couple cranberry pills just in case.. Didn't really change anything.

I haven't taken myself to the doctor yet, mostly because I'm so taken aback by the difference in the sensations regarding how i'm sitting/standing (Want to see where this goes first).. And because it started hurting after trying a new position (him on top and with my legs over his shoulders.. so he was hitting my g-spot.. and ultimately a wall of my bladder).. So.. is it possible that his penis may have bruised/irritated my bladder? Would it feel like that?
abastra 9th-Oct-2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
I had exactly the same problem/feeling after having sex in that exact position. I think that might have something to do with it.
cydniey 9th-Oct-2005 07:48 pm (UTC)
i have the same problem with that position, i always assumed it was because of the rubbing/slamming against the opening of my urethra.
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willucry4me 9th-Oct-2005 09:43 pm (UTC)
probably a bit of the cervix too. his penis is curved up a bit, and the position and everything.. it felt like he was about to poke through my stomach from the inside. lol. felt good at the time, but afterwards.. owie.

"all that action is bound to make someone sore"

Last time I had sex with someone 7 times in one day the guy was more sore than I was.. Why oh why isn't that the case now?! I'm in bed now with a hot water bottle on my stomach. This helped a LOT though, so my insides are a little happier.
minipeds 10th-Oct-2005 12:07 am (UTC)
unfortunately i have no clue on your post's question but, OMFG how lucky is your guy that he toured with KMFDM!!! GAH! I would give my left arm to see them, let alone tour with them!
__kitkat 10th-Oct-2005 07:54 am (UTC)
I had stomach pain (plus hips & back) for a couple of days when we last tried that position. Very painful.
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