7:56 pm - 04/26/2005

Clitoris Pain

I hope that this hasn't been posted recently. I checked the archive and the site, and i couldn't find anything. I checked google, but i'm still wondering about it.

About a month ago I got a UTI. I hadn't been drinking a lot of fluids and I didn't pee right after sex. (i guess i'm just really prone to them). About the time i had it, my clit really started to hurt. like touching the spot was horrible. my jeans didn't seem to bother it, but masturbation and even just like...any contact with pushing on it or anything killed. i checked online and found that maybe there was some smegma (or whatever it's called) on it. so i cleaned it out when i took a shower, but the pain is still there. i don't masturbate too often, and i've only used a vibrator a few times and those times were far in between so i don't know if that could have caused it.

So i'm just wondering if anyone has had similiar pains and what they did about it. The pain seems to come and go, but it's really annoying when it hurts when you just push on it a little. It's been a month and i thought that it would have gone away already. It's felt better than before, but not 100% definitely. anyone know anything i can do to stop that pain?

thanks :)
babydike 27th-Apr-2005 12:07 am (UTC)
ive had similar problems when i had a yeast infection. i had smegma and yeast caught between the clit and the hood and it hurt really bad. i basically jsut waited it out and tried to *clean it out* as much as possible
viellen 27th-Apr-2005 12:17 am (UTC)
That happens to me after too much sex or masterbation, sometimes it lasts a full week :(. I've never been able to figure it out...it just goes away on it's own. It's not yeast, and I'm not quite sure what smegma is, but I can say that I feel your pain!
emmycantbemeeko 27th-Apr-2005 01:36 am (UTC)
According to what I've read, the buildup of dry smegma and some other factors can cause irritation that leads to adhesion of the clitoral hood to the clitoris itself- little spots where they grow together. Such adhesions can be released accidentally from vigorous rubbing (masturbating, sex, washing firmly, riding a bike). That could account for why it comes and goes- you develop adhesions, release them, and then develop more? Or the same thing that's causing the adhesions is still hurting you as well?

It's one possibility, although if continued gently cleaning beneath the hood doesn't fix it, I'd go see a doc.

Incidentally, if your hood is at all large, it may be neccessary to get down there with a hand mirror and a q-tip to clean underneath it. Just washing it with soap in the shower probably won't get very far underneath the hood.
robogoddess 27th-Apr-2005 02:15 pm (UTC)
I've gotten a hair stuck in there before. :-(

It hurt a lot, but eventually worked itself out with a little coaxing.
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