The Lily of the West (lilyofthewest) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Lily of the West

Serious yeast infection control measures...

I have frequent recurring yeast infections. Usually I'm one of the folks posting to other people here about how to deal with them and banish them from your life, but I've run out of my own advice and I'm hoping someone out there can think of something I can't.

I've been getting at least 4 yeast infections a year for the last 5 years.
I take acidophilus supplements.
I wear cotton undies and breathable pants or skirts.
I wipe front to back.
I do not use tampons (I use Instead).
I do not used water-based lubes containing glycerine.
I do not use any products containing nonoxynol-9 (as it will without a doubt give me a yeast infection)
My male partner(s) and I use condoms to keep basic semen out of my acidic vagina.
I will admit that my diet is not as free of refined sugar as it should be, but, I've also seen no correlation between any of the changes I've ever made to my diet and my yeast infections.
I have tested negative for HIV and diabetes.

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