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Lunelle Being Discontinued????!!?!?!?

Since only one person answered my question about Lunelle earlier, I'm going to assume that not too many VPers are on it. But I am! hahaha... I went today and got the shot. It was really easy, and it didn't hurt. Planned Parenthood charged me $73 bucks, but only because it was the first time I had it. It will be $39 each month after this. (I'm in Chicago.) It's awesome though - I got the shot at 2 o'clock, and even as I write this I am (99% mostly) unable to get pregnant. HOORAY! I'll be the VP Lunelle Guinea Pig and will tell you all about it.

NOTE TO LUNELLE USERS: The lady at pp today told me that Pfizer just bought the company that makes Lunelle (or something like that) and that the muckety mucks at Pfizer may discontinue it in about 6months or so. noooooooo! I just wanted to share that with you.

But here's the bigger one - the doctor there (Judy) was SUPER FANTASTIC. She asked me why I had no pap smear info and I sheepishly admitted irrational Gyn fears and that I'd never been there before. She was so understanding - took the time to demonstrate an exam on a plastic model and show me a speculum and answer all my questions about it. And then she walked with me and made sure I made an appointment to come back and see her next week. She was perfect. She yelled at me just enough to make sure I came back for the exam, and not so much that I was intimidated or scared of her. She took so much time to talk to me and was just wonderful. yay for PP.

i wrote you a novel. aww - sweet. after i go for my first annual, i expect i shall write you another, if only to get all the other scared girls to get up and go get one.

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