paper princess (feroluce) wrote in vaginapagina,
paper princess

a bit of vulva levity

ok feel free to laugh, i just did the STUPIDEST thing.

it's mildly graphic, so if i can do it right i'll hide it behind a

i have a new piercing in my upper ear, an industrial (a large barbell through 2 holes in the cartilege for those who dont know) that i'm attempting to convince to heal right now. that involves lots of salt water soaks to draw out lymph and soften crusties etc. so i had been holding a washcloth soaked in saltwater to my left ear for quite some time this evening.

a little while ago i decided it's time to masturbate. i often use my left hand. i was doing fine till the very end, where i was wondering why it stung a bit. my first thought was "stinging from disuse? i havent done this in a while but hm..." no, that couldnt be it. i was still puzzled.

a few minutes later, i decided to lick my fingers. "hm, they taste more salty than usual...quite a bit more..." but still, no bells in my head.

just now, DING DING freekin DING. yeah, i'm a smart one.

so seriously, go ahead and laugh, i am :)
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