dystatic (dystatic) wrote in vaginapagina,

my sister asked me a vagina pagina question today
and ta-da. i have resources. damn you guys are spiffy.

anyway, she asked me about clots during menstration.
and im at a total loss here. cause she was talking to mom, her definition of clots is 'clumps of blood' lets say.. pea sized.
she said mom said thats not normal.
i said, oh? cause my period is practically nothing but clots, i get them every period and i get quite a few of them ranging in size depending on how heavy my period is.

am i really abnormal?
i have no problems with my period? its not generally heavy, generally not a lot of pain except the first pain. my mom and my sister on the other hand both do have menstrul problems (and i am spelling menstral wrong each time i think but sorry)
so whats up with clots?
someone enlighten me please & thank you!
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