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miss behave


so my vagina and i have been doing some bonding lately. after we had a little broken condom incident last week, i went to planned parenthood and got emergency contraception. i giggled because it was called 'Plan B'. i almost didn't go get it since i was on my period anyway and it was a spermicide condom, but it was fine - no side effects. the lady told me i'd probably get my period early - and i sure did - FIVE DAYS LATER! (that would be today.) but hey - no babies and that's what counts.

so... in the interest in keeping the population in check around here, i am going to go in on saturday and get Lunelle. it's the shot you get once a month that works like the pill. are any of you on it? i have questions: how did it change your periods? (like your cramping and flow and regularity, etc.) do you like it? good things? bad things?

i thought someone had mentioned this before, but i can't find it in the archives. maybe someone forgot to put the subject in the post *cough cough*

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