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just some speculation on my part about the moon/menstruation

i dont know if this is a connection that many people have made, but here's an idea. we all have very varied periods, right? some are really short, some are long, frequency varies...etc etc. and it's all normal, it's just how our bodies work. but i think, perhaps, that's not how our bodies SHOULD work. now dont go exploding just yet, i'm just brainstorming some ideas.

the more i tune my life to nature, the more i find my cycle regulating its self, lining up with the moon. maybe we're all so out of whack because we dont do that nearly often enough. in the book "the red tent" the women all live in close proximity, and get their periods together at the dark of the moon. same in the "mists of avalon" series. we, as a society, dont group women together like that any more. we dont gather in tents day after day to do the household chores, mending, cooking, etc. we dont live side by side as WOMEN. we've worked so hard to be equal, only to find ourselves divided as a sex, lacking the unity and sisterhood we once had. this is why many seek out sororities, etc etc, as a means of replacement.

so perhaps, we all are so off schedule with one another because we're completely off of the way of LIFE we once had.

i'm sure none of these are new revelations, i just wanted to share. my rants tend to take many directions :)
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