Master of Disaster (tonapah) wrote in vaginapagina,
Master of Disaster

herbal remedies for stress?

OK, so the deal is this: I have recently begun a very high stress time in my life, and I am not coping all that well. (Stress includes moving to a new city where I don't know anyone, starting a long-distance relationship with my fiance with whom I have been living for the past year, starting grad school, etc.) Normally I can deal with a large amount of stress, but all of this has been a bit much, and I am really tired of being a depressed mess as I have been for the past week since I moved. I was wondering if there are any herbal remedies I can take to help get me back to feeling like myself again. I've heard about St. John's Wart but (to bring this to the topic of vaginas) that is supposed to lessen the effectiveness of the pill. (Granted, I won't be having a lot of sex in this newly long-distance relationship, but I'll still be having some occasionally.) Is there anything that won't cause any major birth control problems? I've tried doing normal relaxation techniques (deep breathing and such), but nothing seems to be doing much good. I thought I would give the herbal realm a try.
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