ravenfyre (ravenfyre) wrote in vaginapagina,

i'm incredibly sorry that i have to post this here... for some reason my computer isn't letting me join [Bad username: birthcontrol"] right now. argg!

anyways, i have yet another question about birth control pills. *groan*

i'm on triquilar (a low dose triphasic pill), and this month (with the exception of the first couple of days) i've been taking my pill around midnight. right now i'm right in the middle of my pack... and it's 2 am and i just took it now, since i couldn't earlier :\

now, my question is:
does someone have more reason to worry when they forget a pill near the beginning and/or end of the pack, or near the middle?
i would think that by the time you reach the middle, you would have built up enough tolerance to be able to withstand missing a pill and still not ovulate... but on the other hand, i'm thinking that if you miss a pill around the time that you'd naturally ovulate if you weren't on the pill, it might increase your chances of pregnancy.

does anybody know which is more accurate? i'm just curious...

should i worry much?last month my pill-taking schedule was VERY screwed up (more than two hours apart), and i went to my doctor to ask for the morning after pill, but he said not to worry and that i didn't need it. so i'm eternally confused :P
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