Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie

I hope this isn't too close to being a FAQ, please forgive me if it is.

I suspect that I have some wacky hormone imbalance. I have frequent yeast infections (well, like 4 in the past 13 months, and my current one is really tough), an occasionally fluttery heart beat, horrible periods, and hot flashes (they usually appear during PMS). I have terrible mood swings and insomnia during PMS as well. If I look up each individual symptom, many of them list having too much estrogen as a possible cause.

I plan on seeing a doctor in a couple weeks, when my school insurance kicks in. In the meantime though, I'd like to ask you ladies - most hormonal birth control methods give you extra estrogen, right? So if I understand that correctly, most hormonal methods would make me worse, not better, if I am correct in guessing that I have too much estrogen already. However, I really don't want to use condoms all my life, because I don't trust them to keep me from getting pregnant. I'm not terribly comfortable with the idea of the IUD either. I'm frustrated by my lack of choices. I'm afraid of the side effects of the hormone drugs too, but I would feel safer pregnancy-wise on them than I do with just condoms or a diaphragm. I know that estrogen raises your risk of cancer, and so adding it to my system kind of scares me.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions would be great. Mostly I'm just looking for company in this - sometimes I feel like the only person who worries about this sort of thing.
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