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from rachel bagby.

The women in your families have stories they may never be able to tell you in words; yet you'll live them. Listen for their unsaids in all the ways they respond to your body: passion, envy, anxiety, approval, critique. Hidden in their eagerness to raise you up straightjacket proper, hidden in the ways they let you fall are longings which they try to rename with your name.

Find them; find their unsaid stories or those stories will eat you alive.

There in your body's health or discomfort--women's stories. There in your hidden questions; your female relatives' stories. There in their closed lips and unspeaking eyes lies what you may sometimes feel you're dying of--

--Phantoms of untold daughters' stories. Love them. Love these longing-to-be- heard unsaids. Love them into being freely sung by each cell and then listen to the soundings of your life.
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