Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie


I'm new here, but I've been reading for a couple weeks now and I thought maybe you could help me out.

I recently got a yeast infection, so I bought a 3-day treatment (the generic Monistat equivalent) and began using it. The first treatment was fine, but the second day, it got pretty hot in my apartment and the suppository things melted. I used them anyway, by sort of putting them on my finger and getting the stuff up as far as I could, but I know it didn't work right and not much got into me or stayed there like it's supposed to. So it's a couple days later, and I've been using the garlic treatment for those days to no avail. The itching is gone, but there's still obviously yeast in there, and so I have a question.

If I were to buy another box of the suppositories, which have always worked for me in the past, and use them all (and keep them refrigerated this time!) would that be okay? I know that normally if a yeast infection doesn't go away you should see a doctor, but in this case I'm pretty sure it's just the fault of the melted medicine (and right now I really only want to see a doctor if I have to, since my school insurance only comes into existance on the 1st of September). I will keep using garlic during the day and eating my yogurt, and if it didn't go away after a second, proper round of treatment, I'd go right to the gyno. Does anyone know if there's any reason I shouldn't do this?

Thanks in advance. I'm really enjoying being here, you have already given me a lot of helpful info - so thanks for that too. :)
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