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Better Health and a New Toy

Well, I finally got the yeast infection on my skin to go away. It was a simple matter of changing to a low carb, low sugar diet, blow drying the affected areas and then applying Micatin and a special baby powder used for sensitive, raw skin affected by yeast or thrush infection. I feel tons better about myself and my body.

We're on a business trip to Tampa. Since I had last minute notice, I didn't pack any of my vibrators or dildos and that made it necessary to visit one of the adult stores near the hotel. My husband bought me a new kind of egg; the egg itself is somewhat larger than the usual ones and has a covering of cyberskin; it feels just like bare balls when they're newly shaved. The end of the egg has a vibrating probiscus that feels really great. I highly recommend it if you can find one.
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