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Well my fellow femmes, I just felt that I needed to post that I got my very first dildo. I've been longing for one for awhile, and now I finally got one. It's called "Midnight Vibes" [I nicknamed it "Shadow"] And its dark blue with sparklies and its got a whole bunch of clitoral stimulation nubbies on the base of it. Its multi-vibration and the odd thing is it's almost an exact replica of my boyfriends cock. Only his is just alittle bit longer.

Plus he bought me this personal lubrication called "Moist" and it works quite well. We tend to have a lot of sex, and when we do, I dry out in time, and this is just perfect.

Anyway, I bonded with Shadow last night for the first time and I love it. :] Just thought I'd express my newfound love for dildoes.
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