7:17 pm - 01/20/2005

Gynecologist Recommendations by Region.

I thought it might be useful to have an archived post containing members' recommendations on gynecologists. If you have had really positive experiences with your gynecologist and would like to recommend her/him, please leave a comment to this post. You can look it up later in the Archives under "Gynecologist(s)".*  (If no suggestions here work for you, and/or if you're in the US and looking for low cost care, you might also try this directory of free clinics.)

In your comment, please put the region (city, state, country) in the subject header for easy browsing. Feel free to include any other information in your comment, such as:

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

*NOTE: Having this post archived on our website does not constitute VP's official endorsement of any/all of the gynecologists listed. As with everything else VP-related, please use this resource responsibly and with your own discretion!
scarsnsouvenirs LaGrange, Georgia, USA21st-Jan-2005 12:57 am (UTC)
Dr. Ellen Phillips is actually my favorite doctor ever, in spite of her profession. She is so kind, sincere, and genuine, she sets your mind immediately at ease. She's great at sensing fear, and she assures you it'll be as quick and painless as possible. She talks about what the exam will be like and shows you the tools before anything happens. The exam itself is fast and gentle, and she keeps your mind off of things by asking about things like your belly ring, because she might want to get one herself (!). A nurse is always in the room, too. She is concerned that you get the best care possible, and she carefully reviews the options of treatment. She is soft-spoken and professional, and I cannot say enough good things about her.
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