7:17 pm - 01/20/2005

Gynecologist Recommendations by Region.

I thought it might be useful to have an archived post containing members' recommendations on gynecologists. If you have had really positive experiences with your gynecologist and would like to recommend her/him, please leave a comment to this post. You can look it up later in the Archives under "Gynecologist(s)".*  (If no suggestions here work for you, and/or if you're in the US and looking for low cost care, you might also try this directory of free clinics.)

In your comment, please put the region (city, state, country) in the subject header for easy browsing. Feel free to include any other information in your comment, such as:

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

*NOTE: Having this post archived on our website does not constitute VP's official endorsement of any/all of the gynecologists listed. As with everything else VP-related, please use this resource responsibly and with your own discretion!
blushingflower Syracuse-Utica (CNY) New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 12:41 am (UTC)
Dr. Lisa Freedman's office in Syracuse is really good. I had my first ever exam there, and the nurse showed me all the instruments before I removed a single piece of clothing, and the Doctor was really nice, as is her NP. And her nurses if you call with a question.
Plus, there are lots of really cute baby pictures all over the walls, which gives me faith in her as an OB/GYN.
onthepage Re: Syracuse-Utica (CNY) New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 01:11 am (UTC)
Ooh, I go to school in Syracuse now. I'm going to bookmark her info incase I need to see a gyno during the semester. Thanks!
eringryffin Re: Syracuse-Utica (CNY) New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 03:11 am (UTC)
Heehee-- the *last* thing I want to see in a doctor's office is baby pictures. I'm there to make sure I don't have one! ::grins::
blushingflower Re: Syracuse-Utica (CNY) New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 03:41 am (UTC)
I was waiting for someone to say that! The reason it comforts me is that it indicates that she has lots of happy patients who have had successful pregnancies. And as much as I don't want one yet, I like babies, and they were cute and made me smile, which relaxed me.

To add to my comment the information that's not there: The doctor is a woman, and the only men I've ever seen there have been with patients (as partners) and the computer tech support guy. She has either one or two nurse practitioners who are very nice too.
I've no idea about how LGBT or kink-friendly they are, as I've not had reason to find out. I think her office might be affliated with SU hospital in some way, so it wouldn't suprise me if they were, though I'm not making guaruntees. (She's also pretty close to campus).
She put me on NuvaRing when it was still pretty new, but doesn't like to do IUDs for patients who haven't had children yet and doesn't like to give diaphragms to younger patients b/c it's not convienient for having sex more than once in a session (well, that's what she told me anyway).
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