Disassociative (garygetsnolove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina? Lesbian anyone?

I want to clear up some things that I had asked a new member who happens to be a fabulously patient and kind person.

I asked her if she was a true lesbian.

I want to elaborate on that, just for a minute.

No one should ever have to prove how much of a lesbian they are. Right? I totally agree that no one but You can decide what you would like to call yourself in regards to your sexuality.

But does your vagina know?

I mean, if you are the type of lesbian that cannot get turned on mentally by a man, is your vagina gonna know, and is it gonna be more tense?

In the same aspect, if you're a lesbian who can also enjoy sex with men, mentally and physically, is your vagina down with penis?

Does your vagina have a direct link with your brain when it comes to this stuff, and does it have more say in how you feel about having sex than we ever thought?

One time I "did stuff" with a guy. I mean, nothing involving vaginal sex, but other stuff. And although my body was aroused, my brain was not. Im a lesbian, and have known this for a long time. So I know that I could probably have sex with a guy, and I could probably be turned on. But I think my vagina might put up a stink. It might tighten, tense up and not let the penis in. It might scream in pain afterwards. Is this possible?

Thanks for your comments, in advance.
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