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New here..

Hey, I just joined. I'm kind of new to the LiveJournal thing, and don't really know anyone on here, but well .. I was way too happy to find this community *smiles* I'm not really sure what to say to introduce myself. Everyone here seems really nice. I love my vagina (I know we're not supposed to make posts about that, but this post isn't *just* about that. I just thought I'd throw that in there.).

My thing is, I'm a sex worker (may as well admit it, even if I am shunned *grin*), and I find sometimes after doing full service my vagina stings, really, really hurts. I use lube and everything, but maybe I'm missing something. I'd never slept with a man before I started working (what a way to lose your virginity!), so I figure maybe I don't know something I should. Help?

Oh, and I'm a lesbian. How's that for a mindf*ck? *grin*
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