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lunelle vs depo?

I'm not sure if I missed it somewhere on but I couldn't find much on the monthly shot's my situation...

i've been on depo for about two and a half years now and while my body has adapted by only bleeding for about two weeks before it's due...I'm interested in making an attempt to resume a monthly "period"

so I'm looking for personal reactions to lunelle....side effects...etc etc etc, but don't just send me a website because I've probably read it....I'm particularly interested in lunelle's comparison to depo....

sooo yeah help me out.

I discussed the possible change with my hyno and she said it would be easy to take the lunelle shot when the depo would be due, and then to switch to that for a few months to see if I liked it, and if I didn't I could go back to depo...(though we'll see about that...)

soo yeah...thanks girlies

ooh note: i also read that lunelle is manufactured by the same company that makes depo...which makes me curious whether or not i'll experience any sort of profound difference

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