dystatic (dystatic) wrote in vaginapagina,

i have a question of sorts
for the last oh, week or so, ive been having what can only be described as hot flashes
on one instance i woke up covered in sweat as well.
ive been feeling a bit under the weather, but unless the thermometer is broken my temp. is below normal (its normally low) even during the hot times.
i just get really hot and kinda have to just come sit in my room in my underwear and try to cool down. the temp outside is not hot.
um, my period should start this weekend, begining of next week

do any of you get hot flashes as pms symptoms? or do you think its from something else? the only reason im thinking its pms related (its never happened before) is that hot flashes happen commonly with menopaus (howeveryouspellthat) and my mom gets them, shes going through perimenopause. im 22 so im far too young for that, but im thinking its hormonal.
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