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breasts and no period :( and not pregnant!

for the past 4/5 days (and a good few before that!) my breasts have been REALLY sore! (IE/ if i walk fast they wobble and HURT.)

i always have a late period and it was 1 week late last friday (5 weeks since last one started). anyway, i don't eat well and i've been very depressed this month. why else could i be getting v. tender/sore breasts and no bleeding? i expect i will soon but......i'm tired of waiting and i'm paranoid. i took a pregnancy test and it's negative but.....you know. i'm worried i might have something else wrong with me. i am going to eat really well over the next few days because my breasts hurt so much. i keep thinking i have cramps, too!

HELP. any guesses? ps- my last period was 3 weeks late but i didn't have sore breasts for AGES before it!
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