Firinel (firinel) wrote in vaginapagina,

pussy power poster?

what would everyone think of collectively making a pussy poster?

I wouldn't mind organising and designing it.
What I'm thinking is this:
People willing to participate can send me a photograph of their vulva. Just their vulva, no porn shots of people licking their lips or something like that; or if you can't work a photo editing programme, send me the picture and I will happily crop it out for you :)
I can make all of the pussies into pictures.. oh, depending on the number of participants, 100x100, or 200x200, and arrange them in a quilt-like fashion into a poster size.
People can do this totally anonymously. (well, other than me having your email, but to be honest, I'm really forgetful, and I have no intention of selling it or blackmailing anyone.)

and then.. then I'm not sure. I'm all about freeware and stuff, so maybe we could just have a link to the collective image on so people can print out the pussy poster and hang it, or frame it, or whatever. Maybe the community could use it for a background on lj, or the webpage?

anyone have any thoughts on something like this?
[this idea brought to you via thatdirtyblonde's rant, and a Firinel that has stayed up way too late after eating vegetarian roast-chicken flavoured crisps (!?)]
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