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when i bought the vagina monologues

i was in Gatwick Airport in london waiting for my return flight home. i was wasting time in the book store and came across something fabulous...
the vagina monologues
needless to say i went to purchase it immediatly, along with a cute card with a kittie on it. then, i went to meet up with my mom in another store and she asked me what i had bought. i told her. she got this look of total digust on her face. she asked me to show her teh book a few minutes later and she got mad at me! she called it trash and said she had half the mind to make me take it back. i tried to talk to her about it and help her understand. she told me that anyone could put a spin on anything (i dont get what she means by that). now i have to hide in my closet to read it so she wont glare at me. so she wont take it away. so she wont give me the silent treatment when i try to talk to her.
she reacted in a similar way when i bought Cunt.
arg, would she rather me hide things from her? not let her know my interests...not try to help her know me? its so hard when your own mom is like that. so hard.
oh well...
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