Rydw i'n hoffi coffi (mactavish) wrote in vaginapagina,
Rydw i'n hoffi coffi

Good coochie care

I swear I have the world's best doctor. Ever walk out of minor vulva surgery whooping and hollering about how lucky you are? That's what I did today.

I had a sebaceous cyst removed because it was old, hardened, and in a place that was causing it to be extremely irritated, right along the line between my inner and outer labia about halfway down from my clit to my vagina.

My doctor removed it easily, cleanly, and with extraordinary bedside manner. She appreciates that I know my body. She chatted with me throughout the procedure and showed me the little lump of goo when she was done, because I had wondered about what was in there.

She used the phrase "your partners" -- she remembered that three months ago, I'd told her that I was in committed relationships with two different men. She said, "About sex with this (I have a tiny stitch), use pain as your guide. If it hurts, don't do it. And use dental dams for oral sex for a week." She just talks normally. She uses words like "vulva". She did call it a "private area" while she was swabbing me with iodine, as the nurse looked on, and I said, "Not so private now, eh?" and she laughed and went back to "vulva."

She's just the best doctor ever, the most comfortable person I've ever had near me with gynecological tools.

Feel free to holler if you need a good doctor (she's a GP) in the SF Bay Area. I can't recommend her enough.
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