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Intro's and Questions

Hello Ladies :). This is my first post here, and I wanted to introduce myself before I asked my question(s). My name is Jenny, and I think it's fabulous that a LiveJournal community like this exists. Ok, so anyway...

I guess I should just dive right into this one: No one can get me off (but me, myself, of course.) I've always considered myself to be a pretty relaxed girl, including when it comes to sex, but for some reason no one has been able to make me orgasm. And it hasn't been for lack of trying on their parts. I try to direct them, help 'em out or whatever, but then I just end up getting bored and faking it. So how can I remedy this? I mean, is it me? It could definitely be me, I suppose...

And my second question is, well, I have recurring yeast infections. I'll get rid of it, and then it'll come back in a matter of days or weeks. I tried diflucan once, and that seemed to work for the longest amount of time, but it still eventually comes back. Any suggestions?
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