Wandering Star (splashh2o) wrote in vaginapagina,
Wandering Star

birth control and sex

im going to call the doctor soon but i just thought id ask...

I'm taking a pill in which i take pills for all days. Basically i take a medication pill for 28 days until the day im supposed to start my period. Then i take a placebo pill with no meds (just so continuously take pill and dont forget)for 7 days until my period stops, then the medicated pill start back up again.

I have not started my period, yet im all done with my medicated pills (im always a few days behind the pills). I want to have sex over the next couple days (before my period actually starts), but im afraid that since im not taking the med pills i will risk getting pregnant. Do you think (or take the same kind of pill system) it's still safe for me to have sex and be covered by the pills from the days before?

i know its kind of confusing.... thanks anyways. ^_^
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