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ok. 1st post here.
i've been having sex with my SO for a couple months. we're in a long distance relationship so it hasn't been *that* much. we've both been tested and i'm on the pill.
this is where it gets weird.
we have had unprotected sex and the last time he developed a rash around his area a few days after he left my place. he didn't go to the dr because it went away on it's own. i was just tested and know i'm clean...what could it be? i'm wondering if it would have to do with the pain i get in my lower stomach when we have sex. there are certain times where it's unbearable. could this be a uti? any possible connection?
even weirder the few times i've seen him this summer, he has gotten stomach aches...the aches subside when he leaves...but i'm wondering if he's allergic to me??? heh.
sorry i must sound very paranoid but one can never be too paranoid when it comes to this stuff i suppose.
thanks in advance for any advice.
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