collarbone high (sparkleandshine) wrote in vaginapagina,
collarbone high

for if this happens again..

ok, yesterday i was stupid.

i went swimming with my friends, and realized after i put on my bikini, that it'd been a couple days since i shaved, and there was a bit of stubble poking out. so i grab my razor, run it under water, and get rid of the stubble.

swim for about an hour in a heavily chlorinated pool, then took a shower, and finished shaving(it's gotten addictive.. i can't stand not to)

oh, the itch.
oh, the horrible, unending ITCH.

lotion didnt help... actually kinda stung a little.

any suggestions for if i'm that air-headed again? (although my thought it to just swim in a tanktop and boxers from now on)
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