Gang of Centaurs (rockstarbob) wrote in vaginapagina,
Gang of Centaurs

The Bitch and Animal Show.

News from Bitch and Animal -- thought you all might like to be clued in, especially you Chicago folk:

aloha, citizens of the sparkly queen. mama mammary has so much to tell you!

bitch and animal will be playing a special show in chicago, to benefit a new film called “the undergrad” – a short parody of the 1967 classic “the graduate.” the infamous chicago kings will also be playing!

here are the deets:

friday, august 9th
the empty bottle
1035 northwestern avenue
doors open at 9
tickets $10, 21 and over

from there, they’re off to the michigan women’s music fest, where they’ll be manifesting it on the night stage on friday night! and then look out for the fall tour in september and october – they’ll be going from buffalo to new orleans, and everywhere in between.

all of this will be posted real soon. speaking of which ... as you may or may not know, we here at the queen’s office aren’t the most adept in weenie-world matters. rest assured, the web page WILL be updated. as soon as we untangle the pussy from the ftp, that is.

[Some extraneous stuff not pasted in the interest of saving space.]

okay, babies. keep manifesting, keep rocking, keep manifesting like it’s a rock, and sparkle sparkle on.

love and tits,

the queen

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