An unexpected Haggis (haggis) wrote in vaginapagina,
An unexpected Haggis

I'm about to go and see a doctor at the Brook Centre due to problems with my BC. I'm 22, from the UK and have never been to a gyno or had any sort of vagina check up that I can remember. Any suggestions on things I should ask about/ get checked? I know I should have done this ages ago, but it's lack of organisation/time not fear of scary doctors. I did get a letter about a cervical smear about a year ago and forgot to go to that too.

Also, does any one have any advice on how to help the nappy-rash effect from sanitary towels? I always find that by the end of my period, my vulva is red and irritated, which takes a few days to heal. I don't think it's a yi or anything else, but would welcome any advice on speeding up the recovery process. I'm planning to get a Keeper which should improve things but I'm too skint atm.

Thanks, you lovely people!
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