Allison (awwison) wrote in vaginapagina,

I've noticed some weird things about my vagina lately.
I've noticed several spots that seem to be raw or overly sensitive, urine stings them very badly. My vagina seems to be itching more, the itching isn't bad but I had never noticed any itchyness until now. I posted a few days ago about a small tear above my clit, which had never happened before until now.

I'm wondering what could be causing these things that I have never experenced before. A earlier post in this community mentoned thongs might be causing problems, such as infection. I wear thongs often and also shave all the hair down there. I haven't been touching my vagina as much lately and I'm not sexually active.
Does anyone have any insite about what might be causing my vagina to do these things? Is there anything I can do to help the raw spots, itching, tears to go away sooner or prevent them?

P.S- I'm so glad I found this community. You girls have helped me with things I've been too timid to ask anyone else. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)
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