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Pregnancy Test, and Getting Checked out

I have a few questions, and maybe someone can help...I want to take a pregnancy test, Just in case I could have gotten pregnant. How long after sex can I take it so it will show results and work? And also, I want to get my body checked out, but theres a problem, I do NOT want my mom to know that I'm going because I had sex.(I didn't even tell her when I started my period at 12, I keep things like this away from her)...So I want to go, but I'd have to get around her knowing about it, or give her another reason as to why I'm going. Unless there is a health clinic I could go to, so I can get checked out, and she wouldn't find out. I have no clue about what I should do next..Do I go to some small clinic, and they take care of me, and I just pay them or what?.. Thank you so much.
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