Miss Nora (shyluvs23) wrote in vaginapagina,
Miss Nora

why hello...

Hi everyone. My name is Nora and I'm 18, a virgin from Maine. Um this is a really big step for me but I just think this is a good place for honest questions that I may not feel comfortable asking others. Okay so here goes...

I have never had a long term relationship with a guy and I was just wondering what people's stance is on shaving pubic hair. Are guys totally disgusted if you don't shave? Is it assumed that you will? I just want to know if I am totally missing out on something. I'm hoping at some point I will find the right guy for me but I think I just need to know some basics. How do you girls feel about shaving? Or anything else in general. I feel like a big dork for asking...but I feel that I can here. Well, good to be here and thank you for your time.
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