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Just wondering. . . . .

So, about 3 months ago, I went to my gyno. My old gyno retired (boo), so I have a new one. She was extremely kind and made me feel very comfortable. . . . here's the problem.
I have been going to the gyno since I was 12. (I'm about to be 21. When I was younger I had a lot of problems with my period and was on the pill for a long time to regulate my period. I'm currently not on it.) I have always hated going 'cause it hurt. I was always uncomfortable, but my old gyno was great nd just did it as fast as possible and it was done. Well, my new gyno began the exam this time and of course, I cringed and said "ow, ow" quietly, under my breath and she asked me a bunch of times if she was hurting me. I responded. . "yes, a little, but just do it and get it over with." She tried a few more times, and every time I let out the smallest "ouch", she stopped. She finally told me that she didn't want to do the exam that day because I was "very, very small down there and very, very tight." (I'm a virgin.) I was a bit weirded out - I have always had the exam before. She told me to try to insert tampons in an effort to "open me up" and to come back in 6 months and we'd try again. She also said that she did not want to hurt me - and that she wanted me to WANT to come back, not be scared 'cause it "hurt so much last time." I was a bit upset - I hate going to the gyno, and I have no desire to go back in a few months. I just wanted it over and done with. So, I have 2 questions. First off, do you think her point was valid? And second, I am having a ton of trouble getting a tampon in. Any tips? Anything else I can do to, ahem, open myself up? Thanks!
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