salsaankles wrote in vaginapagina

implantation bleeding?

My partner and I had unprotected sex around my ovulation time. I had very mild cramping a few days laters, and have been exhausted, bloated, etc. 

I was expecting my period this week, but it came 2 days early — which is also around 12 days after "conception" which could be implantation bleeding. My bleeding was light and came mid day, the bottome of my diva cup was filled overnight, was still light but filled a little of my diva cup day 2, and then was gone by what would have been day 3.  It was very stringy and sticky. Not what I would assume spotting was, but I have never worn a cup during spotting before. I wish I just wore a pad, so I could tell what this would look like in that form. But do you think this is implantation bleeding or period? I got my IUD removed in end of April and my periods have been trying to regulate but are short. My last one was 3 days and came 5 days early. So this could also be a short early period. I hate not knowing what is going on. I have an appt with  my doctor next week. 


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