10:45 am - 06/30/2019

cervix position, BBT and fluid questions

So sorry for all of the multiple posts! I'm new to the TTC thing and trying to understand everything, so we can do this right. I have been off birth control(combined pill) for a few weeks now.

First of all, I tried to take my BBT this morning, but since it was dark, I couldn't tell the temperature and decided to wait until it got lighter to look at it again. But, while trying to get it from the memory(it's one of those where it saves the last temp) it accidentally took the temp in my hand, so that is my last. Ugh! I can't record a basal body temp for today, will that throw off my charting?

Second of all, I've also been trying to check my cervical fluid and where my cervix is. Does lumpy and creamy mucus mean that you are not fertile and period is coming? My period is predicted to come in a week.

I have been charting on fertility friend, and it can't really show when I am fertile this month, since I just started charting. But it does show I will be after my predicted period.

Also, my cervix did seem high/medium and soft, so that kind of confuses me. Does that also mean my period is close?

We did have sex on the 27th and the 22nd. No idea if that was during ovulation or not, since it's only been a few weeks off the pill and still trying to understand these signs.

Thanks in advance for any insight! :-)
nathskywalker 30th-Jun-2019 11:21 pm (UTC)
You're not going to learn everything about your body in one cycle. I only started to notice ovulation pain after a while of getting used to my body off BC, for example. The same is true for any kinds of vaginal fluids and cervix positions. Body variation can be enormous and what's true for me might not be true for you, so you need to start noticing and tracking things. Over time (several cycles), you will pick up on patterns.

Your app makes very simplified predictions. As I told you before, it won't be able to predict when you might be able to conceive again. It's predicting when you might be fertile given the information you have inputted but there is no hard or fast rule as to when after going off HBC you will actually be fertile again. It's very unlikely that you are this month, so don't worry about the sex you've had that much.

I have no experience trying to conceive, so have no idea about BBT.
actorgrl04 1st-Jul-2019 03:28 am (UTC)
Thank you. I've read so many different things, but I figured that since I've been on bc for so long, it would take more than a few weeks to become fertile again.
Guess this will take awhile to get used to.
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