actorgrl04 (actorgrl04) wrote in vaginapagina,

spotting after sex-off the pill questions

When should I expect my period after getting off the pill?

I just got off taking birth control pills a few weeks ago(june 9th was the first day of in-active pills/withdrawle bleed). When I was on the pill, it was three weeks then a week of withdrawal bleeding.

Is it going to be the same off of it? The tracker app I got says it should start on Sunday, though not sure how accurate that is, since my past "period" was just a withdrawal bleed.
It would be nice to know when to expect it(if it comes), since I had sex on Saturday(june 22nd) and today(June 27th). That would help to know when I can take a pregnancy test if my period doesn't show up.

If have been trying to track my ovulation, still kind of learning. Just started taking my basal body temperature this morning(97.2).

Also, there was some very light spotting after we had sex today too. Not sure what that is about. It happened before while I was on the pill and the doctor said it's either because my "period" was coming or sometimes there can be bleeding when irritated.
Or is this ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding? There hasn't been any more since then either.

Sorry for all of the questions! It is has been years since I have been birth control free, I can't even remember what it was like!

Thanks! :-)

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