lafollefille (lafollefille) wrote in vaginapagina,

Getting a Paragard inserted tomorrow and seeking advice

Hi. I haven't used lj in a long time. I mainly used it so my dad could read about my thoughts and he died suddenly in September.. So I just saw no reason. But I remembered how kind and helpful you all were years ago when I had some question, so I thought I'd turn here now. I'm getting a copper IUD inserted tomorrow and very, very scared. I hoped some of you might be able to tell me what the experience was like for you. I'd be very grateful. I've never been pregnant. I'm a sturdy girl, if that would influence it somehow..but have an average pain tolerance, not particularly high. I am very self-conscious, I had a lot of trouble getting up the courage to even go to the gyn for paps and such, but my friend recommended mine and luckily she's super nice and doesn't mind my insecurity and initial refusal to open my legs. Do you think an IUD insertion is such a complicated procedure that they'll need to have nurse practitioners help? I remember they used two people when I had a colposcopy and that sucked. I don't want anyone looking at me other than my doctor unless absolutely necessary... Anyway, I would really appreciate anything you can tell me about the actual insertion. How long does it take? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain you've ever ever felt, what would you rate it? And will I be in pain afterward? I only know one person who has an IUD and she said it's a 4, and then that night she had period like cramps. However, I've never had period cramps! So I don't know what that feels like. I have PCOS and maybe that's why, but my periods, though they randomly came and went, sometimes lasting for 4 months, never hurt me. So what do cramps feel like, if that's what it feels like after getting an IUD? I am scheduled to work Saturday. I wash dishes at a restaurant. Will I be able to? My sister is the manager and she said it's totally fine if I can't, but I could really use the money. Also, I know it can make periods last longer and more crampy. Does it make the flow super heavy? Mine was never heavy. Will I bleed after the insertion? Am I allowed to use a tampon if so? And just how bad are the cramps it causes during periods? I've read horror stories on of women saying it makes periods excruciating, and more worrying, women reporting they got pregnant with an IUD. I really can't get pregnant right now. People who've had copper IUDs, were they at least effective? I've been on lo loestrin fe for like 2 years, other bc pills before that since age 20. I really want to see if hormones have affected me in various ways. I am just really scared. So anything you could tell me about your experience, even if you got a hormonal IUD inserted, would be really helpful. Thank you!

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