4:43 pm - 03/23/2019

A resource of possible use and interest: the Museum of Menstruation.

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The Museum of Menstruation--a grand rambling cross-referential time suck covering cultural, historical, medical, and commercial aspects of the topic, and aspiring to be the Junior Woodchucks' Guide on the subject--is a monument to the geekish obsessive special interest of one Harry Findlay.

My prior attempts to post this have been spamspanked, so relevant links are going into the comment section.
full_metal_ox 23rd-Mar-2019 08:45 pm (UTC)
(Warning: the front page is text-only, but some links are NSFW): http://www.mum.org/

Just a few of the topics this mind-boggling display aisle of menstrual esoterica covers: Belts to hold sanitary pads (and if you remember those, you've almost certainly outlived your menstrual worries); artwork with menstrual themes; home remedies for menstrual discomfort sent in by his readers; various religious attitudes toward menstruation; historical menstrual hygiene methods.

(Since Findlay is growing old, and doesn't think that he as a cis man is the ideal curator of such a museum, he's sent out an invitation to anyone--preferably a current or past menstruator--interested in taking over his work and hosting his material collection: http://www.mum.org/future.htm)
Musically Vidz Zone hihih6th-Apr-2019 07:16 am (UTC)
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