kikinjil (kikinjil) wrote in vaginapagina,

Gynefix or paraguard?

i was planning to get the iud then i found out about the gynefix and now i cant decide which one to get?! Which one is better any ideas?
When i asked my gp about gynefix they said they've only fitted 1 or 2 gynefix so far so they wont do it unless maybe if im firm on in and really beg them . They told me family planning clinic offers it but when i went there the other day they said they dont? And also apparently it has a higher chance of perforation and its for people with a smaller uterus? :/
So now im really confused which would be better for me? Im petite and had my 2nd baby who's 8months still breastfeeding. I want a non hormonal iud which suits me but I've never got one fitted before so have no idea. Both places are not familiar with the gynefix amd pushing for the t shaped coil but my question is which is actually better or would be better for me? And is it a good idea to get my gp to insert it considering they've only done it like twice? Im in the uk btw.
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