belinda_anne (belinda_anne) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ortho Tricyclen Lo pregnancy risk?

Hello all,

After having been on Nuvaring for a couple of years I'm tired of the side effects, so I'm switching back to the pill. Before Nuvaring I was on Ortho Tricyclen, but this time they've given me Tricyclen Lo.

My boyfriend and I have been relying on the Nuvaring alone (i.e., no condoms or pull-out). But I have one friend, and I think a second mutual friend, who got pregnant on Tricyclen Lo. This is anecdotal, I know, but it's enough to give me pause.

Neither my boyfriend nor I are eager to start having to use condoms, but we're not thrilled with the idea of an oops either. If it makes any difference, I've always been good about taking my pills on time. Anyway, is there a greater risk with this particular pill?

Thanks for any help!
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