10:28 am - 12/05/2018

Lost tampons

So I am already working up to making an gyno appointment but I have been told I am crazy so many times that I am trying to find some commiseration first :

Has anyone else had issues with honestly, truly, losing tampons to the black hole that is their cervix?

7 years ago I had my son and after had a copper IUD put in, within about 8 months I had to have it removed as it had halfway fallen out. I was not told much beyond "dont ever use IUD's again. I have not seen a gyno since. I also recently found out said gyno lost their license for shady practices.

Ever since then I have had issues. I have horrible periods that require tampon use (PCOS) so there is no "just use pads" here.

A few times a year I will end up losing a tampon in there...and when I saw 'in there" I truly mean it.

My husband has had to go fishing sometimes weeks after my period has ended and often when he pulls one out it is...well..for lack of a better description...its gross and rotten and black/green. I usually have to really bear down for him to get it out.

I tried expressing this issue to my GP once a few years ago and was laughed off and told I was nuts.

But I swear, my husband can 100% confirm.

Its to the point where I keep a tally sheet of tampons in/out in my tampon box during my cycle because I go through so many sometimes shit just gets...lost.

Right now I think one is missing....my period ended on the 30th of November and I have had a weird and constant, 24/7 pain/pressure since...it almost feels like one long non stop menstrual cramp.

Anyone else experience this...or am I a fucking freak of nature? Because google tells me this is impossible but I know I have had it happen.

spicebean 8th-Dec-2018 04:14 pm (UTC)
Hey! I have PCOS too so I practically bleed gallons IF I menstruate at all! I strongly recommend switching over to menstrual cups/softdisc in addition to LunaPads, THINX or Sustain Natural period underwear to capture all of that excess blood (and if you really want that extra layer, pads on the period underwear though that is largely unnecessary). Not a huge tampon fan for a multitude of reasons, your story being added to the list.

I highly recommend finding another GP or be referred to a specialist gyno within your network ASAP. You might need a sonogram to make sure no other tampons might be stuck in your cervix, and if you did indeed lose another tampon up there, I imagine it needs to be ejected ASAP. I HATE how doctors don't always take their patients seriously! Please be safe and get that checked out holistically because lort knows whatever else might be going on up there after the copper IUD drop.
archangelbeth 9th-Dec-2018 06:42 am (UTC)
If your cervix is at an angle such that things can get stuck up behind it... Honestly, mine is probably half-way there. I have a very tipped uterus ("right angle turn," the doctor said after the second, successful IUD insertion), and my cervix A: never really moves up and down much, and B: there's a bit of a pocket up behind it. It's not like anything gets lost inside my cervix/uterus, but there's certainly an area where it's hard to get at, and nearly beyond my finger's reach.

(We will not discuss removing a contraceptive sponge at a time when... well, everything was narrowed because I had to go to the bathroom; trying to push without dumping the sponge in the toilet (bad for the plumbing!) was very... zen. Anyway, those things always went and hid up above my cervix, and while I always found them, they're bigger than tampons. And weren't always easy to drag back out again.)

Anyway! I would suggest, like spicebean, both considering menstrual cups, and definitely a new gyno. Possibly one who can get a speculum and light and go hunting for the latest lost lamb. If they get an example, maybe they'll be more believing. -_-

If you wanted to try IUDs again (maybe a hormonal one?), I'd suggest an ultrasound to see if your uterus has any funky turns in it like mine -- my first IUD was inserted to the bottom of the right-angle turn (it fooled the first doctor), and it decided to try to live in my cervix after a month of this.

If you do wind up having a very tipped uterus but still want to try the IUD... Well, 1: get a cervical anesthetic shot. Doctors do not tell you these exist. You have to make sure, at the making-of-the-appointment, that the doctor is certified to do so. But they are VERY USEFUL. 2: Unfortunately, if you do have a self-origami uterus like mine, the uterus is not asleep after the shot and the second IUD insertion was... very unpleasant. (The copper IUD wound up curing my cramps, though, so I WILL TAKE IT.)

Good luck! And hey, "normal" is a bell-curve. Someone has to be on the skinny ends of it, right? *solidarity fistbump*
kuradi8 26th-Feb-2019 03:00 pm (UTC)
Instead of tampons, how about a menstrual cup? Start with an inexpensive "generic knockoff" like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/172865715545 to see how it fits and whether or not you like using one.

Skim/Read https://kuradi8.livejournal.com/ for helpful hints.
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