dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lost tampons

So I am already working up to making an gyno appointment but I have been told I am crazy so many times that I am trying to find some commiseration first :

Has anyone else had issues with honestly, truly, losing tampons to the black hole that is their cervix?

7 years ago I had my son and after had a copper IUD put in, within about 8 months I had to have it removed as it had halfway fallen out. I was not told much beyond "dont ever use IUD's again. I have not seen a gyno since. I also recently found out said gyno lost their license for shady practices.

Ever since then I have had issues. I have horrible periods that require tampon use (PCOS) so there is no "just use pads" here.

A few times a year I will end up losing a tampon in there...and when I saw 'in there" I truly mean it.

My husband has had to go fishing sometimes weeks after my period has ended and often when he pulls one out it is...well..for lack of a better description...its gross and rotten and black/green. I usually have to really bear down for him to get it out.

I tried expressing this issue to my GP once a few years ago and was laughed off and told I was nuts.

But I swear, my husband can 100% confirm.

Its to the point where I keep a tally sheet of tampons in/out in my tampon box during my cycle because I go through so many sometimes shit just gets...lost.

Right now I think one is missing....my period ended on the 30th of November and I have had a weird and constant, 24/7 pain/pressure since...it almost feels like one long non stop menstrual cramp.

Anyone else experience this...or am I a fucking freak of nature? Because google tells me this is impossible but I know I have had it happen.

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