8:16 pm - 10/24/2018

Breakthrough bleeding

Hi there,
I've been on Levlen for a year or so. I skipped my placebo pills for the first time last month and it was fine for the first few weeks. I'm now on the last week of active pills on this second pill pack and I've had what feels like period cramping and some brown, slightly bloody discharge for the last week or so. Is this a typical reaction? I was prepared for breakthrough bleeding but thought it would happen in the week I was supposed to take the placebo pills, not 3 weeks after! I also have IBS so I'm sometimes unsure if abdominal cramping is due to that.. First time I've ever been hanging out for a period to see if that kicks away these cramps!

Thanks for sharing your experiences :)
mel_darcy 24th-Oct-2018 10:25 am (UTC)
I do this also. I know on some pill types I had a lot of break through bleeding, and had to try a few types to get one that worked for me to skip the placebos. Maybe talk to your doctor if it doesn't improve after a little while - it could take some time for your body to get used to it?
archangelbeth 25th-Oct-2018 12:18 am (UTC)
When stacking pills, the odds of a breakthrough bleed are very dependent on if your uterus A: gets fed up and decides BLEED TIEMS NAO (because it's built up enough lining to do it), and/or B: if your hormonal dose has enough of a dip to trigger the uterus to bleed (and it might be a little hair-trigger). Some people who stack pills can reliably get a month and a half to a couple months, and then their uteruses decided to get snitty, for example.

Since you have IBS, if you have ever had any loose stools relatively soon after you took your pill, it's not impossible that you absorbed a lower dose for a day or two, and your uterus is taking this as a sign that it might be supposed to bleed. (So you might get spotting until you show it a real hormonal dip, because it got one day of dip, and then no dip, and now it's confuuuuuuused.)

Since you've taken more than 21 active pills, you're good to take up to 7 days without active pills at any time now, so if you want to just take a placebo week and get a bleed, you're good to do that whenever.

I hope the cramps go away soon!
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