2:11 am - 09/21/2018

Cramps...clot...cramp...vicious cycle?

hey vagpag!

i hit 30 this year, and i've really become dedicated to getting in touch with my body; primarily understanding what exactly is going on in there. the past couple of periods, i've been able to connect an uptick in cramps to a clot* (*at least, i think it's a clot? or maybe it's just endometrial lining?) that passes within a few minutes to an hour or so later.

today, specifically, i had awful cramps from around noon until 6 (with a special shout out to 3:30 pm when i went down from the clench!); i went to change my tampon and *plop*, anchors away! there's a clot* the size of about half my palm. i hadn't really thought about it, because it's the first day, i'm used to being miserable, etc...but then i realized my pain was gone. i hadn't taken any ibuprofen recently (abt 4 hours earlier, and i take it continuously when the red tide comes in), so it really didn't make sense...until i put the timing of the cramps/clot in line.

I've been to the gyno and had a vag ultrasound done: no signs of endo, which was her big concern. i've never had a baby, i'm not on any form of birth control (i've been released on my own recognizance *rimshot*), so is this clotting (IS IT EVEN CONSIDERED A CLOT???) business normal?!
tabular_rasa 21st-Sep-2018 11:59 am (UTC)
I got these chronically before I got on birth control (which I now take continuously so I don't menstruate at all). It was always during a particular time frame on my bleed week, during the 2nd day of bleeding, and it would be preceded by especially bad cramps. Sometimes I'd even have the urge to push or my vagina would spasm like it was having some kind of contraction trying to get it out.

I've heard severe clotting can be associated with endo and fibroids (but also doesn't have to be), but I've never gotten a satisfying explanation about why I got them, personally; my doctors have always just regarded them as part and parcel of my general menstrual symptoms (irregularity, heavy bleeding, terrible cramps that sometimes made me vomit) which is why I was recommended hormonal birth control.
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